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N11:STATS : Patients-Rye:ntryear2015: RE: THETA LAB


Electronica/ [!]93845798q3uroadf8wet98shdfvshdi {jumble not a link shitty fuck type and got that sure thing you road my middle finger, this is aproduct of my middle finger............................digital public portfolio-solo. This is not what Im known to have performed on stage in the cities. Ill get right to that. I m meeting up with joan to contract out their web guy to encrypt. Im lathargic some and its not anything but burnedout and have illness, but my illness and my slow was your fast so my uncle told me to continue. Im setting up business non music, thats not anything to me. Just going into the level of work I trained in college for and continuing educations. I have some other film showings and music demos coming up. I dont know if Im up for drum contracting currently. I had taken a year and a half nearly 2 years off drums. We thought Id never be able to walk again less any drums so it was not in the equation. I will let everyone know as soon as I am able. I am out on retreat and summer training setting up shop/operation. Continue to check back for show and show dates and times.

thank you--



dates listed not seen or communicated since listed date ...........................................................

•david sanders:[ARKANSAS/MISSOURI]:1978-1995

•faith jones:ARKANSAS[NEWYORK]:1976-1998

•keeley family:jim diane irene jared joseph{These names were never removed from any no contact list ever}1/2006} 2000-2001]:/2001-2006/{2007-2015} child missing:2003-2006-2015:[contempt of court] last seen 2006 4 times per year or less social services notes not dropping off child 2003-2006 contempt of court :kidnapping/abduction

•peterbergmen:jessica reginald bergman:DENVER/CHICAGO[CALIFORNIA/WYOMING] [IOWA]:2005/2006 [1999-2005]

•elliannakrackhaur:son/brandon goodwin:CRESTONE/[ARIZONA]:2010 [2010-2010] knew her for a year her son was friends with nathan, town problem county problem. Went to court to file no contact judge told her no contact, would not issue restraining order after physical threats and emotional destress.

•kimhardesty: [ALAMOSA]DENVER:2009 [2004-2009]

•Tonya/David Ow[s]ley:ALAMOSA:2010 [2007-2010] rented house from her

•nathan peloquin:racism racist propaganda posted /2009 copyright fucked up equipment [2009-2009]


•cindy advant:COLORADO SPRINGS:5/2014 [2013-2014]neighbor

•colleen noy[L}es:thyroid/lynnluckey [2011-2014]:COLORADO SPRINGS/FOOT HILLS/WOODLANDPARK:3/2014 [2013-2014] slum lord building

•bob:crestone{former landlord:CRESTONE:9/2011 [2010-2011] fucked up property owner where attack occurred lied about propane we took pictures of property and propane tank. Property out in the middle of no where whines about being property renter owner but will not sell property picks at tenants lies/lied. Just all round fucked up weird fucking guy. Casita Park,Crestone COLORADO lot 6

•rose johnson:MONTEVISTA/ALAMOSA:10/2011 [2010-2011]Verbal abuse mental health problems demensia screaming and yelling spent a weekend with her had to call cab to escape came home yelling and screaming top of her lungs fists for 2 and ahlf hours screaming and yelling fit likea fuckin teen kid extreme verbal abuse we dont know why,but she was fired froma job.

•rudy and abby madrid:COLORADO SPRINGS[ALAMOSA/MISSOURI]11/2014 [2014-2014] Problems verbal abuse lies very bad mental illness and history of meth, unpredictable we dont know I barely knew them . She was having an affair renting hotel rooms this guy his brother was a meth addict, her and her husband made up things I dont know her husband other than to see them. Meth, you need to go somewhere else I dont deal with violent meth heads and drunks.

•mike and cody yanke:[MICHIGAN]COLORADO SPRINGS/MANITOU:4 and 5/2015 [2014-2015] Seen every other month neighbor harassments violent reports filed by several of barker house tenants. Aggressive/Passive aggressive behavior similar to alcoholic violence and meth.

•yeaaaaaaaaaaaah ive never made any living at stripping never stripped never hung out at the diamond when dawn or sasha were there, never went in there, never stripped I hate men re:stripping or music performing they were a real problem mostly people I knew and I also had to put up with delusions from meth heads and violence over on 1523 Colorado, these are not my problems}JW


Joan Moon is my aunt request identification. Her hair is solid silver.Shes lived and worked here 30 years at one company that makes math kits for the learning disabled.

Glen Bowers is her companion partner hes lived here 60 years you all know him. Builds race cars. Has raced cars with his sons and worked in colorado very long time.



………………………………………DISCLAIMER/RE:FACEBOOK:REVERBNATION:2009/2010 MYSPACE:2005 REGRESSSTOLEHEAVY©2015:documents/REVISE:This page opened late September 2014. I never utilized face book until a couple of months ago. I am not responsible for the content of material or content of fans or people located on any public and non public profile networks or any other public and non-public social media or internet interface or sub-outlet such as magazines and or books or biographys and or film.


Jennifer L. Weaver artist/owner/manager

Studio:(719) 5-1055 halogenkane@aol.com




RATED[R]STRONGVIOLENCE/GORE EXPLICIT LANGUAGE:PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS SUGGESTED Halogenkane, Nikaya11 Music project;drums, guitar, piano, keyboard, vocals, backup vocals:sound engineer:Regress Stole Heavy Records, is created owned managed and produced by Jennifer Weaver:2000:2005-2015:NOBAND THERES NEVER BEEN A BAND FOR THIS PROJECT IN 8 YEARS NO EMPLOYEES: [BIO]:DENVER STUDIO PERCUSSIONIST;DENVER CO 1999-2009:10 COURTESYBOMBER©2005-2006:DRUMS/OWNER MENGESHAINGA©2006-2015:DRUMS/OWNER • [REC]NIKAYA11:NIKAYAELEVEN©2005-2015:OWNER[ECORDING PROJKT]ABOVE LISTED/CONTRACTED CURRENT • HALOGENKANE©2005-2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED:PHOTOGRAPHY LABEL • HKTELEVISION©2006-2011 •PATIENTSRYE©2011] • PRODINGO©[literary] •HK:se[ie]ka©2008-2015 •ZOIETA©2013 •CALIEGRAPHYDEN©2014-2015 •Doll In A Closet©2015 DEBUT:[RELEASED2006-2008 
OBSCURA 2:[NOTRELEASED]2011-2012 CRY:[NOT YET RELEASED:REGRESS STOLE HEAVY RECORD LABEL©2013 ¡N11:Bio-briefed Participation professionally in drums since 1999. Jazz/Acid Jazz/Spoken Word/ Metal-Black and Speed metal/ Progressive Rock and Punk/ Rythm Blues/Advant Gard. I grew up in music participation and some professional recording areas/studios. I have been involved in electronic music professionally since 1994. Memphis TN/Boulder-Denver Colorado: Soul Lovely 1999-2000•Beckament 2000 •Enemy In Me 2000-2005 •Itchy O 2004-2007 •Studio/Stage Drums 2000-2015


¬7N11:NOTA GANG: SacrAmnto/LA/DNvr:Krisin adjusted to your phone:Suggestion

My group of people understand when I say fast food roll up get they fries and coke, means eat up and shit out back for more shitty shallow want it quick dont do nothing, not about food, i think your in a wrong section you need to back to your group, my group has no problems understanding. ......They are mouthy lying mutherfuckers and they lie and lied. It takes this and thousands of people to circle in on them they are apiece of shit maggot fuckers uck suck sucking }JW:RSH:{RE:MAGGOT INFESTED VERMIN ENERGY SUCKERS:RE:VAMPIRES

Have you ever dealt with early adult ADHD people or biPolars dont take meds, they have very violent tempers they dont know why they are angry at you or making things up habitual lying and violence age 17-45/55. I am innodated with this type of.......primarily male people. I can t do nothing with them I can be their friends I cannot work with them. If i say you need to set up anger mangement for ADHD people biPolar people Im suggesting they are alotted more help and Ive not had much help scraping bottom bullied by this type of person passive aggressively and aggressively. I think they only thing you can do is push them into a jail cell. They know better they know what they are doing tis a power play with apparently no consequences even in rape but theyd just about have to murder you and if they dont catch them,..............its the same shit bitch. NO I QUIT THIS PROJECT AND ARE GOING AWAY FOR A LONG TIME AGAIN, BECAUSE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL CRIMINAL THESE PEOPLE AND CONTINUED THEYVE NOT CHANGED I HAD MET MOREOF THEMI CANNOT HAVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THIS SHIT AND THERE WERE MORE IN CLONED UP DRONES NOTHING BEING DONE ABOUT IT THEM OR WHAT EVER IT IS, PART OF ME IS VERY GLAD TO LIVE IN COLORADO YOU JUST ABOUT HAVE TO SHOOT THEMN AND KILL THEM ON CONTACT FCUK I quit this solo project 12:25:2014, 2005-2015:Closed Project, no band nothing, nothing came of any of this for 10 years. I opened it to continue communications with my child about 2010 I understand I need to make money, 12 albums were recorded 2005-2012 and I quit upon spine and head illness, multipleschlerosis rare illness a type of it with no infections or fever, just shows up tested for everything HIV, STDs evenafter being celibate no partners 2006-2015 no sex no dating nothing, any way, the project ended 2013 me getting sick, its to longa story and imtired of getting up everyday rewriting it for 10years every day on the internet writing same thing same thngoverand over again and some medical something, its punishment its a type fo stalking 10 years not a lot of human contact then there are random these people you come into the city and theres these really dumb fuckin idiot moron people its a bunch of shit and ignoring such a thing Im about to rob them or theyll say that they could not fix it or do their jobs to begin with and im labeled the fuck because they are having to be sued and pay out millions and I have to deal withthe mutherfuck neuro issues from court but weregoign to court fuck if someone does not kill them ........because they are careless pigs look atthe governor and the president hobby lobby, then my situation.............shruggign really shitty hateful youre a dumbfuckinbitchwhore for real{SLAMMDEOOR{because they have focusand cognitive problems, it easier for them to focus on a person which becomes absolutely sadistic, its fucked up.............NOOOOOOOOOOO you can focus on somethign redirect your focus get thefcuk off me bitch[!] they know better but if they focus on anything it s not perceived as failure so theyve been progressing asin nothings wrong with them only now they are bipolar adhd sociopaths, see........seee that [shitty look on my face idont give amutehrfuck] youll be shot fucker{CLOSED


you elect her president we are all fucked, but they in turn will also be fucked, you fuck me I fuck you}JW


Every recorded beat sound dialogue vocal drum recordings all records all 25,000 photographed archives RSH:k©2005-2015 was locked up sent to archiver over a month ago . All files were taken out of here and locked up. Every Video Movie recorded clip, music, photographs are not in my possession, my driver on my computer is down it had been fucked with Ive not been able to run any archives, Its going into the shop, it had been vandalized from other apartment before the move out. Everything got locked up, I can pull files from my aunts office:studio but have not its all a big thing pain in my ass some. Half of Donna Lock was relocated at showing, Everytime I move that or show it it blizzards 5 ft or rains like this. There was only one showing in alamosa where it did not. It s a rain dance or something and it does not like being moved or rain or flood or snow or murders or plane crashes or whatever you name it. Everytime I move that, all these things start happening detrimental. I dont think its ever shown in may or october this may be first time. 329th showing. Its haunted its been on a tour of the most haunted areas in colorado oldest cathedral area, molly brown house area, 1940's mexian ambassadors mistress found dead in tub above me down the hall from suite H, I think 101. Its haunted, the work, was also done after dawns death, grieta, ivory, bird:lick. Its haunted by fear and upset of women death owever itmay have come. It is somewhat haunted however, I have found it was elemental like they had to land a rainy snowy day for full effect or it was created with haunted water from haunted places, newspapers are haunting..........etc. I was a capitol hill resident for 8 years and denver highlands for a couple up the street}JW{highlands was indian haunted, the guy that designed central park created and designed that neighborhood, 32n federal area, all the one way streets, that area is indian haunted use to be a smack/tar neighborhood, burial ground before any grandfather clause was built on burial ground good and bad. Body dumping and such. there was real old energy there but dead people energy, beyond little mexico dia de los dead, this was heavy dead energy. I opened up a medicine wheel over there a large one. A plane crashed in the neighborhood, some things happened. You open one of those before those things happen so that it can take them, but......I describe a very haunted life anyway, it is a very haunted place. When you deal with real haunted things as in ghosts, they lay low and get in in your sleep you uncontrolled eye movements, they get in to taste your food sleep your sleep live your life, its fucking weird, black hole shit, not so much flying furniture or those things}JW{if you wear a little gold the killed gold miners leave you be. I have a single pearl my voice instructor from arkansas gave to me it s a gold chain. When my teethwere pulled I had the one gold one, theycame around like they were looking for something it was real weird, then they did not. Those ones will fuck with you, the dead miners they still look for gold, stopped coming around when I put this one necklace on. But it did come from the voice instructor my age 16 and I did have a gold tooth. Or they are concerned for people ghosts and come across ruff prarie cowboys or something. The ghosts had been around alot concerned for me long time here [blackdutche/polish-italian jew]they had to have been my friends}JW .............................................................................n11

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Nikaya11 jesus jacked the cable box:they said you are jesus:Im shiva}his work was removed because they thought it promoted the gadafi regeme}JW{jit just meant,this guy,......these people are doing this, this is their primary colour code, its all.....not terrorism... I dont understand of all people LA removing this. They should learn to understand street art better: JW:N11 1990. RE:2008/2009{San Luis. Im going to answer this question briefly for local medicine people:indigenous and non, Taylor guy stole the land, sectioned it off with fences manically. Went nuts sold it to Enron guy, Enron went under, per Collier:obin and the land was sold to 2 texas oil families who recently gave keys back to the people, its all I know, they do currently have keys to the land but only recently 5 - 6 years or less}JW{It would be my highest suggestion no drilling or fracking out there that is a fault line, when you do that you are triggering earth quakes, you are also jeapordizing water aquifers. There are some that are toxic. When you go poking around in that land for various reasons, if you drill that you are compromising toxic prehistoric water contains arsenic and at that point contains fracking material which is toxic, the water will run bad, environmentally unsafe and human unsafe for consumption. That area is not to be drilled, You should not be drilling in colorado at all, it will be detrimental to any living species, you are causing great damage}JW{Robin was very informative about land grant informations, thank you Robin per:conversation 2008-2009, shaking hands, please continue your works--thank you}JW (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.3"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

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Posted by Nikaya11 on Sunday, August 31, 2014


NATNLRANK:73}LERT:how long have you had this profile on reverbnation?:2010 How long have you lived in colorado?:20 years next year or soemthing{"that is not the order of the albums. They have gotten a copy of the album and resold it. They literally resold them. They also sold it at half price, These prices on these albums were not clarified with the owner nor sales were approved. Havent you done enough damage now your stealing music albums from the rape victim abused woman, owner. Ill have to have them arrested Ive been to nice about this, Ill have to have them arrested and sue them, Y O U A R E G O I N G TO HAVE TO ARREST THEM WHO STEALS FROM ME YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM A WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN TRAUMATIZED RAPED little more than twice CHILD KIDNAPPED AND ABUSED AS A CHILD BY COP PARENTS, NOW YOUR STEALING MY RECORDS? SALES? IM SICK AND BROKE? FUCK YOU! THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE PULLED 2 YEARS AGO THESE PEOPLE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PERMISSION. WHO THE FFFFFFFFUCK? THIS IS CLOSED YOU ARE BEING SUED AND SENT TO JAIL WHAT ARE THEY NOT GETTING, YORU FUCKED""{THERE IS NO PERMISSION FROM MY LABEL/COPYRIGHT TO RUN THESE ALBUMS FOR SALE SINCE 2012 AND NOT ON THESE WEBSITES NO SALES WERE MADE ON ANY OF THESE ALBUMS FROM NIKAYA 11 :NIKAYAELEVEN PROJKT........................http://us.7digital.com/artist/nikaya11/release/dopamine-ep...........................http://www.emusic.com/album/nikaya11/dopamine-ep/12926334/.......................https://www.hmvdigital.com/releases/1501158...................................http://www.emusic.com/album/nikaya11/the-arlis-gage/12926198/....................................Jennifer L. Weaver.............. artist:owner............ REGRESSSTOLEHEAVY,RECORDS©2000-2014...................................if that kid or their s approaches me comes near gets in my face about anything I want them promptly arrested with follow up restraining orders . its it{CLOSED:LEGAL MATTER/ITMATTER:THIS BLOG WILL NO LONGER BE A SOURCE OF INFORMATION:LEGAL ISSUES AGAINST THEM AND OTHERS NOT UNDERSTANDING SOEMTHIGN IVE BEEN VERY FUCKING CLEAR{closed:....................JW:N11.........................Chart Position 1 Local Rank 102 National Rank 286 Global Rank} 'So the guy who was an X who had a urine fetish everyone knew he liked to get pissed on by girls or females was making tshirts for the family and the kid, yesss, they were wearing tshirts made by a golden shower cuntfuck...........the family that had my kid were wearing pervert shirts and the kid, Thats all written in mochary of drug interaction small fine print on drug pamplets and some cross over of a fuckin old timey jail house soemthing. When they get caught they are either going to not say anything or talk talk talk talk talk you wont be able to shut them up they think they say something real important. What yor bald body gaurd, ah, aha your protector making you pervert tshirts from a urine fetish fuck, aha aha your blade toting urine fetish body gaurd making you and a 3 year old child tshirt to wear to court soem fuckin pervert shirts, aha your body guard cant DO MUTHER FUCKIN SHIT FOR YOU DUBM BITCH AHA AHA PRISON PRISON AHA, THEY LOCK 80 YEAR OLD PEOPLE UP ALL THE TIME FOR THAT SHIT BITCH AHA AHA AHAAHAHA WHAT DUBM FUCKIN SET OF BITCHES FUCK YOOOOOOU FUCK YOU. Probably the family had plans on attempting to shoot me. You dont just randomly come up with some confinable gun comment if you dont plan on doing it yourself. Any other time Id say its probably those movies they all watch but, .....its probably they wanted to shoot me they had plans for my child and many plans to cover up their mistakes. Probably all the drugs and alcohol they were on, like spfnkter or what his name had the old gal blow her brains out blow job gun lady., What was that, no I did not hear about that until lik 2010 or soemthing, hmn I dont hang out with them. I personaly think that lady did that but I dont like him either he has a past I was told. No with blow jobs.}JW:211



NIKAYA11©2005-2014:15 ........................................................................................... Jennifer L. Weaver artist/owner/manager REGRESSSTOLEHEAVY,RECORDS©2000-2015

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.3"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));IN THE LAND OF DOLL:RSH:AMAN:11 ................................................................. Ms. Weaver....who...Posted by Nikaya11 on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

N11:RE:Baldwin/Echols/MSKelly: Graduate 1994

Nikaya11 4 mins · RE:Baldin-Mskelly-Echols: Marion High School Graduate 1994: They were arrested for good reason. Do not disregard child molester cop/child beater cops. Jesse beat people up all the time he had mental retardation, I would have believed he killed kids, the mentality involved in mental retardation and fighting is brutal at times, I could see him being from the area and them thinking that about jesse and about damien damien was awful to people, he was always in some fight and there again but not fully emotionally teetered between mental retardation and borderline personality but also some psychotic breaks then gets inprison and is all of the sudden smart[?] Baldwin I was not sure about and thought arrested by guilt by association. We had been telling them for years and years about my step father. Im tired of seeing the fuckin baby me wipe my fuckinass im a dumbitch had been picking and fucking people fucking movies when we had been telling them for mutherfuckin years bitch. When I go after them we are going afterthem for not stopping the movies after prison its endangerment when there was a copworking for the sherifs department and police department we had been warning them for years about my parents, We hope they fucking rot. It was double punishment for me and degrading, they had been known for having violent fighting and mental retardations, they beat people up and harassed people all the fuckign time, then wanted everyone to wipe their fucking ass es from a televison in prison but they made to many fucking movies bitch and kept airing the mutherfuck after they were let go 1 and 4 years later. They were arrested for a reason"}Jennifer Weaver


Thursday, Dec 25, 2014 @ 9:12 PM Monday, Sep 1 @ 6:09 PM Thursday, Aug 28 @ 10:08 AM LISTING ON WEBSITES SINCE 2005:COURTESYBOMBER:LISTED LAST PAGE KIDNAPPING INFORMATIVE:RAPED:CASE#13-00390{2003:2004}DENVER COPS CAME TO HOUSE AND LAUGHED WHILE I WAS TRUAMATIZED IN CRISIS}KMASON}:1998:MOLESTED AT GUN POINT BY LITTLE ROCK COP INTO RURAL AREA COP:1978-1994 April 24, 2014 SEX OFFENDERS:CHILD MOLESTORS UNARRESTED:SOUTH SEX OFFENDERS EX COP SOUTHERN REGION:RAPIST LOOSE EX COP WITH UNIFORMS Sunday, Jan 26 @ 7:01 AM N11 Monday, Aug 26, 2013 @ 9:08 PM •SEX OFFENDERS ALERT Thursday, Jul 4 @ 9:07 AM sex crimes, sex crimes are. DAVID SANDERS EX COP SHOT IN LITTLE ROCK:LIVED IS A PETIFILE:SEX OFFENDER:CHILD BEATER david a. sanders:police officer:Little Rock AR:Truman AR:West Memphis AR:Marion AR sherifs dept:{age 2-16 child hood molestation at gun point: domestic violence:physical beatings with object includes belt with belt buckle end and facial slapping: Last Known Location:Truman:West Memphis Marion AR: known informations regarding may disappear to Kennet:White Oak or Holcomb MO:Truman AR} he is on social security dependent income on the government since I was 19yrs old:JW john w. sneed: 1998 Rape:10 counts of rape child conceived and born ripped through custody court for 8 years by a non relative non registered foster care family after her age 3}domestic violence, slamming into walls nearly thrown from 2 story window, kicked out of a car, punched, kicked in the stomach after child birth, mental and verbal abuse, stalking, harassment, harm to the child:arrested for domestic violence denver capitol hill denver colorado 1999-2000 was caught drunk and molesting the baby, would show up for baby visit and disappear with the child to local bars in denver capitol hill area}also stole checks and forged tax documents using mine and zoes social security identity numbers: Last known location:New Albany MS:{also dependent on social security income since 2003 -reported at manitou springs colorado police department ................................................................ •peterbergmen:jessica reginald bergman cancer from std/thyroid/borderline personality}: sexual assault, verbal abuse, he had to cops finally called on him denver capitol hill 2006 they had moved to chicago I had not been in touch with them, he jumped the court yard fence and was sticking his crotch in the window I called building manager frank called police he came back angry at me before he left again pouting that I had calle dthe police but I should have called the police long before that he started being sexually aggressive with me about 2003/04 after dawns death. He would take me home some and take me down some dirt fuckin road in wyoming, where he was from we played 2 shows there one he took me down these dirt roads no phone, the other he jacked off on my chest I woke to him jacking off on me his parents basement after a larimie show.........etc, they were gettingfucked up and bothering me often for no reason not even the band he wasusing that to do fucked up shit tome and his wife is a pill head coke head junkie who bulldozes with her mouth her temper. He had been forcing himself sexually on me for some time I told his wife. She did nothing I started calling the police, his wife was told he was confronted} •david williams:violent bipolar unmedicated with weapons:verbal abuse fighting sexual abuse stole panties to jack off in public places slammed my wheel chair into his car from ER got violent with me. Sick. My case he took his pipe and pot into the ER 2005, then got violent with me I told the nurse to tell himtoremove it, it all was based around his baby temper violent issues, road rage , drugs weapons etc}JW:N11 Peter and Dave both have problems with copyright laws, they think they see something its their copyright{ These people 8 years ago and less are why Im shutting my self off, they are why I dont speak to anyone dont come around they are why}JW