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Wonder Woman

Feeling a bit like Wonder Woman, early this Monday morning.

Been working on some incredible projects, as a solo artist, as part of a band, as a songwriter, and as a producer.

Next week, I get to channel in more of that by heading down to Nashville for awhile and filling my days with writing appointments with some of my all-time favorite writers, singing demos for other writers, meeting with some new artists about co-producing their upcoming albums, and performing at 2016's Tin Pan South.

With all that excitement, I also had a BIG time this weekend!

Was asked on Friday if I could write a song, in 24 hours, for an upcoming NPR show. Of course, despite the million other things happening that weekend, I took the challenge. And succeeded. Then I was asked if I could record the song, giving it the "performance of a lifetime". Again, I accepted this challenge.

All while - prepping for and shooting more scenes for a music video, keying songs for upcoming demo sessions in Nashville, and trying to make it on time for my sister's gender reveal party.

I did it.

So I'm drinking coffee and patting myself on the back this Monday.

Stay tuned for more details on when the song will make it's debut!!!

Life of a "Hired Gun"

Happy Wednesday, friends! There's a lot of amazing prospects on the table for me lately, and my head is spinning and my heart is VERY full these days! If you are part of my Kickstarter family, please be sure to read my latest update from the other night (and if you missed it, I've sent several over the last two weeks)!

With all the artist stuff like traveling, recording, rehearsals, writing appointments, website updates, entertainment attorney meetings, and such... I keep myself busy with another job that some of you may not know I have. (I've only had it for a decade now, ha!)

You see, in the midst of being an artist, I'm also blessed to be, what some may call, a "hired gun".

Meaning, I get the incredible opportunity to sing lead and/or background vocals on other artists' & songwriters' albums and/or song demos in the studio. Not only that, but sometimes they fly me to different cities to do so LIVE on stage with them! And sometimes, I get to fly to random destinations like Houston, Philly, Orlando (etc) to sing in THEIR studio.

I moved to Nashville straight out of high school from Belleville, Michigan and was thrown into the "sink or swim" pool right away. I learned quickly that being a great singer wasn't all it took to keep your head above water in Music City. So on top of honing my craft and confidence vocally, stage presence-wise, in the writing room, as a harmony singer, I also learned the art of versatility straight away.

You see, I'd been inspired by just about every genre of music growing up. I learned to sing by mimicking the voices I heard on the radio, studying every single vocal nuance in their delivery...from Mariah Carey to Loretta Lynn, from Judy Garland to Patti LaBelle, from Alanis Morisette to Wynonna. I absorbed everything, and in turn, learned quickly once I moved to Nashville, that I could sing just about anything they put in front of me.

It made me an in-demand demo singer, that I could "turn it on"- no matter the style of song it was.

It also made the road to finding my true voice as an artist a much longer one. If you're inspired by everything, can sing just about whatever convincingly, then you start to chase moving targets when one of those voices starts to get some recognition. After awhile of trying to "make it" here in Nashville, I started to understand that just because I did it well, didn't necessarily mean it was my calling.

It took years and years of writing songs, singing demos, releasing independent albums as an artist, changing hair colors and looks, performing as an opening act for some of the biggest names in country music some nights to writer's nights with only 7 people listening other nights...until I had my "AH-HA!" moment.

All of which, as led me to the album that we are releasing this year. The look, the sound, the stage show...I know it now. I feel it and believe in it with every fiber of my being.

So now, being a "hired gun" is the time of my life when I get the opportunity. I relish in stepping outside of myself for a session. Whether it's channeling my inner rock goddess, layering vocals over dance tracks, big gospel numbers, or tapping into my inner redneck with a rowdy country-party anthem... I love it. I love bringing songs to life. And I love that I still get the calls to do so.

You can listen to some older, sample tracks I have here on my ReverbNation player. There's plenty more to add to the collection but I just haven't edited & added them yet.

If you're ever interested in hiring me for leads or background vocals, jingle work, voice-overs, send your inquires to raywilliamsonline@gmail.com.

Lots of love! -Ray

Blogify My Love

Soo... I've been locked out of my ReverbNation account for awhile and now that I seem to have successfully hacked my way back in, can I just say "Hi" and "Holy Shit"... This site does SO much, I don't even know where to begin, ha!

I'll be doing my best to update this page with new videos, photos, blog entrys, and songs for you!

Thanks for continuing to visit me here on ReverbNation and for listening to these tracks! Lots of exciting things coming up in 2016 that I can't WAIT to unleash into the world 3

A brand new record, with photo shoots and videos, a brand new website, and lots of shows all over the place!

Check me out singing background vocals on the latest BJ The Chicago Kid & Sebastian Kole projects! Boom.

2016...we doin it!


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Diary: June 16, 2008

Well, well, well…what can I say?! This month has shaped up to be the best for me so far this year! CMA Festival was SUCH a whirlwind…so busy, so crazy, so FUN, so rewarding, so inspiring! I thank you all from the very bottom of my polish/ghetto/hillbilly heart for making this year’s experience at CMA Music Festival such a great one! I had the best time meeting each and every one of you—talking to you, taking pictures with you, signing autographs for you. It was incredible and definitely just made what I’m doing feel all the more real and inevitable. This industry, this town, can feel like such a JOB sometimes, you know?! You get caught up in the business of it all…but then something like CMA Fest comes along and it puts it all in perspective…it reminds us of why we do what we do! Read all my blogs about the experience on my MySpace page!

So, I’m in week 4 of my boot camp classes at my gym. It’s 4 days a week at 5:30am. Crazy, right?! Well, I’ve been surviving it so far. However, today had a major wipe-out during our run. We ran uphill (mind you, I am NOT a runner) for awhile, then to this park where we did a bunch of drills/sit-ups/push-ups. So after we’re exhausted, soaking wet from crawling around on the wet, newly mowed grass, then COVERED in grass…from head to toe…we run back to the gym, downhill from the park. I definitely tripped somewhere on the sidewalk and wiped out…Scraped up and bruised the palms of my hands and my knees pretty good. Impressive, I know. I’m so hardcore. ;)

Now, in the aftermath of the busy, crazy, thrilling rush of CMA Fest…I’m just trying to recuperate. Finally did my laundry and a little house cleaning the other day! Lord knows when I’ll have time to do THAT again, haha. The dogs are good. My family back home is good (though I WAS a little emo that I couldn’t be there for Father’s Day). Everything is good. We just did a DYNAMITE demo session yesterday where I recorded 3 new songs I wrote and we have another one next week where I’ll probably do another 4! I’ve pretty much got a whole nother album done! Woohoo! Just keeping busy with a lot of co-writes, studio sessions, and SHOWS! Speaking of which…

Don’t miss me next week on Tuesday, the 24th, when the band and I play The Billy Block Show at Cadillac Ranch at 8:30PM. You can catch the show LIVE on the web at www.billyblock.com! Also, will be making my FIRST APPEARANCE at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, GA next Thursday, the 26th! Totally stoked about that one! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the venue and already, a lot of fans and friends are telling me they will be there! Can’t wait!

Well that’s all for now.

Nothin but Love! RW