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It's Hard Out Here For a Musician Pt. 3

It's time for hunting! And guess what's cooking?? "Artists" !!! The economy is in crisis, people are losing their jobs while others are getting crafty . I call this set of people "The Artist Hunters". We live in a world where most people are scared to invest money, time and resources. Investment happens when you're dream is bigger than your reality. So only dreamers invest! Emerging Artists (and by that I mean musicians, models, actors, painters, designers) are one of the few category of dreamers that are ready to invest in their future as fast as possible because the the earlier the better. But The hunters already know that and are ready for the kill. The hunters organize stupid auditions and prizes. Remember, Not all that glitters is gold! I've been to auditions where money comes first before talent! Talent shows are great but they could also ruin your career so be prepared and be sure to make the right choices because in times like this you only get one shot at glory if you're lucky! Stay Focused and Work hard! Signing out....

It's Hard Out Here For a Musician Pt. 2

Justin Bieber, One Direction, Miley C...Hate them all you want but they could be the answer to why your music hasn't taken that shift it should. Let's do that 24 rewind flash back thing ....ok.... 20 MINUTES EARLIER It's a sunny day here, I'm home alone, listening to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles and writing! Perfect day eh! Listening to the 70's music is amazing! It reveals a lot to you both as a listener (You're growing old) and as a musician (you are awesome) and it also helps in writing a nice article about music. I recall watching VH-1 storytelling in the 90's and early 2000, it was always the same shit; these poor humble fucks (musicians) playing in every motherfucking gig in their local town before they rise to fame to then become drug addicts and drunk assholes with big Egos (so cliché)! Today if you want to make it big in the industry you would have to drop your humble character and grow a big ego! Because you would definitely need it. So get your shit together! PRESENT TIME So how can Justin Bieber and Co. solve your problem?? Well it depends on how many problems you have! We all HATE them right, they are annoying faggots, disrespectful hoes, and ungrateful twerking bitches..Well that's your first answer..BE HATED! Many musicians don't like being criticized at all! nonetheless when the whole world wants your big head on a spike! I see many punk ass musicians in dying need to hear that their songs are breath taking, soul crushing and heart melting! If you tell them it sucks in a nice way, prepare yourself to be insulted. big time! I Hate all those Like 4 Like, Share 4 Share musicians!! Do you also do that with your girlfriends/boyfriends?? If you keep this kind of mentality you won't make a dime in this business..only your parents, close friends and children will download your music using an audio grabbing software! The feeling when someone likes your page, buys your music, keeps your poster on his/her wall (without you bowing down and kissing their feet) is priceless! It's like having a secret admirer (that sounds creepy though!) AIM AT THAT!! Bottom line..Stay hated, have a big ego..but be eager to learn! p.s I don't intend to hurt anybody's feelings, I write so others and most importantly ME, can change!

It's Hard Out Here For a Musician Pt. 1

Yeah you got talent, you got potentials, you can score some big hits on the charts, you have mastered your musical instrument to perfection, you have a stunning voice and you write awesome songs..bla bla bla...but why do you find yourself still in a local band or recording demo's in your basement??? Why do guys like Justin Bieber, One Direction and Miley C(Whatever) end up making more money and selling more records?? Maybe we are doing something wrong don't you think?? We love dreaming and sometimes it seems we are scared of waking up and facing reality! The reality that the music industry has changed (Not talking about the downfall of record labels and rise of the digital era). Sometimes we cling to our music heroes, we try to emulate them, we try to sound like them, we even try to build our musical career as they did bit by bit!! Who said rock bands must play in local pubs, prom nights, battle of the bands(Whatever) before they rise to fame..Who said pop stars must go through talent shows to get a massive record deal??? ....Bullshit!!! Every musician must create a legacy for him/herself, must stay original and likewise be ready to adapt to change! Stop bitching and start a revolution!


I guess we are all pulled away by something magical! And that's music! Music make us break the law of gravity..it makes us free, it makes us fly, it makes us surrender, it makes us strong or weak! It's all about the way it hits you..how it sweeps you off your feet and how it leaves you hanging! It's an exciting experience! just drifting away, defeying space and gravity!