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Terminal Station - June 2014

The new album "Terminal Station" is out now! Song list: 1. Terminal Station - Part I : Sovereign Default - Part II : Bankruptcy 2. Recession 3. Economic Warfare 4. Teeter on the Edge 5. Living on Credit 6. Bailout 7. (G)Recovery 8. Success S(t)orry 9. CB vs MF 10. Swaps and Derivatives 11. Terminal Station [Medley - Bonus Track] Hope you'll enjoy it! Yannis D.

New Album On The Way!

Hi all! While absent for months, I have been working on new material and new projects! I'm currently working on a new album, which will probably see the light of day on 2014 (summer)! The album will include some bonus acoustics tracks available only for fans registered to my mailing list ;)

Album details (so far): Album Title: Terminal Station Songs composed so far: 1. Terminal Station (Part I: Sovereign Default, Part II: Bankruptcy) 2. (G)Recovery 3. Success Story 4. Teeter 5. Recession

Part from the new album, a 2cd LIVE album will come out soon and will include only cover songs with bands I shared the stage over the years! The 1st cd will include songs from artists that influenced me while growing up, and the 2nd cd will only include greek songs! The quality will be high on most of the songs and the album will be available for FREE!!! Some of the songs have already been uploaded and many more will follow, so stay tuned! God bless, Yannis!


"Weather Report" is Yannis "The Loner"s upcoming album (release date: May 14th 2013)!

Songlist 01. Cb Over Station 02. Karpathian Sky 03. Overcast 080 04. Storm Warning 05. Tornado Grexit 06. Hurricane PIGS 07. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining 08. Sky Clear 09. Calm Before The Euro Storm 10. Lights & Thunder 11. Hailstorm in Cyprus 12. Come Rain Or Shine 13. Indian Summer 14. Under The Weather 15. Weathering The Storm 16. Tornado Grexit (Edit - Bonus Track)

Here's a promo video:


Yannis "The Loner"s new album "WeatheReport" @ the net:






Thank you all for your support...

Yannis "The Loner" on the web!

Hi all! It's been a while since I last updated my site and I guess you've all been wondering what I'm up to this time! Well, I've been writing new songs for a new studio album coming out on February 2013, while enjoying my loneliness ( ;) ) on an island somewhere in Greece! I will be uploading new songs as soon as their mixed and ready to go! Meanwhile, lots have changed since my last update! Many people from all over the world seem to enjoy my music and would like to help me spread it! Here are some links I found concerning my music (some, I didn't even know they existed 'till now!), so be kind enough to support them as they support me! Thank you so much and stay tuned, 'cause the new album is going to rock seriously!!!

Greek sites:

1. http://music-creations.hostei.com/rock-ballad/forever-and-never

2. http://blogariseto.blogspot.gr/2012/08/1-wwwreverbnationcom.html

3. https://www.facebook.com/proistam

All over the web:

1. http://houndmusic.co.uk/Independent%20Artists-New_page3.htm

2. http://tube.7s-b.com/yannisthe+Loner+D./

3. http://mp3.com/artist/Yannis%2B%2522The%2BLoner%2522

4. http://planetlyrics.co/artist/Yannis+%22The+Loner%22#.UDh4mc854b8

5. http://vidgrids.com/yannis-the-loner-d

Free Download!

It's been 1 year since I joined the Reverbnation family and since then, things are going very well (when it comes to my music projects)!So, I decided to give you all a link for a free download of my latest studio album "Shadow Of A Dream"! A way to thank you all for your kind words and support! Enough said! Enjoy:


I'm currently working on a new album! I'm trying to create something different as always! A bit of funk, blues and jazz and as always hard rock with a heavy metal flavour!I will let you know about what's new asap and I will be uploading new songs as soon as they are mixed! Stay tuned and God bless! Yannis "The Loner" Diam.

Shadow Of A Dream


1. Shadow Of A Dream 2. Charade 3. The Loner 4. Fade Away 5. Here Comes The Feeling 6. Chimera 7. Fly High 8. All I Wanna Do (is make love) 9. Nostalgia 10. Storm Warning 11. Sail Away 12. Run Evrbd (u’d better) 13. Time Makes Me Change 14. Sanity From Hell 15. Path Of The Orient 16. Dreams Made Of Rust

Words and Music by Yannis "The Loner" D.

All instruments-arrangements-mixing by Yannis "The Loner" except from “Run Evrbdy” where drums were performed by Peter "The Dark One" Z.

Recorded at "The Loner" studio, 2012, except from “Run Evrbdy” which was recorded at "The Dark One" studio, 2011.

Thanks To: God, my family, Mary-Ann for her support/patience/inspiration, Nektarios Diamantis, Helen-Zoi Minogianni for her remarks, Nikos Vatistas for his support, Peter Zourdos for his contribution/support, Vasilis Sfakianos for his remarks during the mastering of the album and all of my fans all over the world! Thank you so much for the support… See you soon…

The album will be soon on the store...

The Loneliest Spectator

The album "The Loneliest Spectator - Best Of..." is out now (December 2011)! Yannis "The Loner" had the chance to meet with his fans on 17th of December at Rock Cafe in Athens and had a great time! http://www.reverbnation.com/show/5998639

A New Day Dawning!

The album "A New Day Dawning" is out now! (November 2011)! Yannis "The Loner" performed live most songs of the album at Rock Cafe in Athens on 26th of November! http://www.reverbnation.com/show/5379483


The Albums:

"A Note From The Past" "A Rich Beggar In A Land Of Poor" "Derailed Funk" "Tears In The Hands Of Time" "Still I'm Sad"

are out now!