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Doommantia Vol 2 (benefit for Ed Barnard)

This compilation was put together to raise money to benefit Ed Barnard of Doommantia.com. After suffering with heart problems for years, Ed was hit with astronomical hospital bills which left him homeless. Due to the lack of decent healthcare in the US, Ed has now returned to his homeland of Australia to receive the care he deserves. To help him with living expenses, 84 bands and artists from all over the world have come together once again to ease the burden left upon Ed. Just $10 (with an option to pay more) gets you over 9 hours of some of the best doom, stoner, sludge, psychedelic, and drone jams out there. Lets make this an even bigger success than Vol 1!

Decibel Magazine premieres upcoming Rwake 7"


The 7″ will be exclusively available from the band at upcoming gigs and at Maryland Death Fest X, May 24-27