Somewhere South of Perfect / Blog


Just wanted to let everyone know that the official blog for our shenanigans can be found at somewheresouthofperfect.tumblr.com! To keep it all in one place, you can visit us there for all of the weird stories we've discovered in our adventures as musicians. Thanks, guys!

Blog Update!

Hey, everyone! This summer, we're going to be starting a Tumblr blog to keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening in the band! Hopefully, if everything works out, we'll all be posting some personal information every month or so about band life, shows, and the future of SSOP. Until then, you can keep up with us and our random comments on Twitter at @meandGIANTpeach, @Willonthaflo, @snellular, @Whatthemitch, and @partyinam3rica!