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Ponderosa Breeze, the band name.

Where did the band name, Ponderosa Breeze come from? Well, going back quite a few years ago, I was visiting a friend who lived in a neat little cabin on the edge of a beautiful meadow with a nice stand of old growth Ponderosa Pines going up the hill behind the place. We were sitting on the porch, and I mentioned how nice the weather was. My friend replied, "It's always cool when the breeze comes down through the Ponderosas." The phrase "Ponderosa Breeze makes it cool" locked into my mind. I filed it away in my memory, thinking someday I would use it in some song lyrics. Well that never happened, so when we started the band and needed to come up with a name, I put Ponderosa Breeze on the list of possibilities. We put it to a vote and that's what came out on top. So there you go! The secret to Ponderosa Breeze in a nutshell!

Sunday at Blue!

Our show on Sunday will be "Acoustisized", in that Franklin and Larry will use only acoustic guitars and banjo. Gus will be on his keys as usual. It's not much different than our Acoustic Cowboy set you may have heard us do in the past, only longer, with a bit more variety in musical styles. We're feeling really good about this , as it will fit nicely with the ambiance at Blue, which is located at 5 Granite St, Ashland OR. Our set list looks something like this; 3.Before They Painted Lines 4:34 2.Funky Junction 3:50 5.Lets Go Camping 3:34 6.Electrical Wire 4:20 7.Hand And Foot 4:16 8.Pretty Little Lady 3:13 9.Masters Of The Plains 5:27 10.Most Dangerous Woman 4:18 13.Web Of Lies 3:49 18.The Hunter 3:47 19.Pony Express 3:50 20.Oregon Wine 3:20 21.Love Refugee 4:11 22.In These Hills 3:17 23.No Tellin 4:15 26.Friends 3:46 28.Can't Take My Heart 3:32 29.My House 2:42 30.Alien Report 5:46 31.Code Of The West 3:15 32.The Voice Of Love 4:11 33.Cherokee Lady 4:22 34.The Nice Thing 4:00 35.Paradice Road 5:02 36.Whats Good For You 4:17 37.You'd Think I'd Remember 3:15 38.Burning Bright 4:00 39.Down to the valley 2:30 40.I'll Be The Same 3:55 41.The Ballad of Hired Gun 5:03 44.One Life To Live 4:05 47.Life Is Short 3:07 46.Sweet Medicine Calling 3:26 48.Reason To Believe in 3:32 49.Streamliner Mama 3:26 1.He's My Dog 3:51 50.Same Old Dream 5:23

If yer lookin fer us on Sundays...

If yer lookin fer us on Sundays, We'll be at The Blue Greek, 5 Granite St, Ashland OR. every Saturday starting at 5:30PM.

Ponderosa Breeze turns 1.

We made it through a full year of creating and playing our All-Original, All-Americana Music! In this year we have made a satisfying amount of progress, Played some awesome gigs and began establishing a fine fan base and made a lot of great new friends. We have released 2 albums and have a 3rd one on the way! Thanks to all who have encouraged us along the trail. We are optimistic about the progress to be made this coming year.


Happy New Year Ya'll, from Ponderosa Breeze! Well, Looking back on 2012, we are pleased with our progress as a tight musical unit. We have released two albums of original music,(Sweet Medicine Calling and Code Of The West) and are in the midst of producing our third album of original music (Come On And Dance). We have played some great live shows in 2012, and are looking forward to many more live performances in the coming year! We truly appreciate the support from our fans, and hope to enjoy many more musical interludes with you all in the coming years. Peace and Love and Rock and Roll and Hugging Everywhere! Ponderosa Breeze

Jango Radio Says,,,

Ponderosa Breeze fans also like; The Marshall Tucker Band, Pure Prairie League, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Fleetwood Mac, .38 Special, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Seger, The Byrds, The Lovin' Spoonful, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Diamond Rio, America, Poco John Mellencamp, The Band, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Jackson Browne, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Animals, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Eagles, Alabama, The Allman Brothers Band, Little River Band, The Doobie Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Sawyer Brown, Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Nearly 50 Originals!

Nearly 50 originals on our set list, Ponderosa Breeze Song List 1. He's My Dog 2. Great Wall 3.Before They Painted Lines 4. Funky Junction 5. Lets Go Camping 6. Electrical Wire 7. Pretty Little Lady 8. Masters Of The Plains 9. Not Done Rockin' Yet 10. Cajun Boy 11.Most Dangerous Woman 12. Web Of Lies 13.Little Black Dress 14.Part Time Man 15.The Hunter 16.Love Refugee 17.Reason To Believe 18.No Telling 19.I'm Glad Your Bad 20.Louisiana Chain Gang 21. Friends 22.What is It 23.Alien Report 24.Same Old Dream 25.Voice Of Love 26.Cherokee Lady 27.The Nice Thing 28.Paradise Road 29 Whats Good For You 30.Burning Bright 31. Come On And Dance 32. I'll Be The Same 33.Hired Gun 34.Call Me Your Man 35.Turn It On 36.One Life To Live 37.Ouch 38.Sweet Medicine Calling 39.Hand And Foot 40.Life Is Short 41.Down To The Valley 42.Code Of The West 43.Can't Take My Heart 44.Streamliner Mama 45.In These Hills 46.Take A Stand 47.My House 48.Oregon Wine

Oooh, Last Night!

At South Stage Cellars we tried out our new Acoustic Cowboy set, featuring a selection of our more countrified songs played on acoustic guitar and banjo.It went over real well with the crowd there, and we all had a great time. We premiered a couple of new songs, Can't Take My Heart, Down To The Valley and In These Hills. At our next show, Nov 10, at The 2 Hawk Winery, we will doing a first time live performance of a new song by Gus called, Oregon Wine. Monday we're gonna begin arrangement on a new one by Franklin about the Pony Express. Till next time, Happy Trails!

New Song!

Howdy! We just Demoed a new song written by our keyboardist, Gus Johnson in 1986. This sounds autobiographical, and probably is. We will be adding this number to our Acoustic Cowboy set list in the near future Just imagine some old miners sitting around the saloon back in the day! http://www.reverbnation.com/westoforegon/song/14960518?utm_campaign=opengraph&utm_content=song&utm_medium=link&utm_source=facebook

Ponderosa Breeze

Howdy! Ponderosa Breeze has started this blog to help keep you all posted on our journey to the top! Stay tuned!