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Working on new tunes!

So for the last couple of months, we have been working on releasing some new tunes for ya! A sneak peek? One is about a prostitute and her life, and the other....well yes its above one of our life stories, so what you wanna fight about? Its good they had it MADE. Stay tuned and well will send you a free down load if you reach out. Love, Maxwell Smart


ATTENTION FANS!, This Sunday we are playing a brand new song! We want to keep the song name a secret, but you can ask us any other questions you may have about it. What Maxwell Smart wants you to do is use your cell phones and record it LIVE! That’s right we want YOU to be the first ones to post our new song on the web and share it with all your ska friends around the world and us. So if you’re going to the show this Sunday, have your phones ready and let’s have some Halloween Fun!! Love, Maxwell Smart


Maxwell Smart Returns from the dead for Halloween! We're not zombies but we'll still bite your eardrums out and turn you into a MAXWELL ZOMBIE!!! We're not vampires but we'll drink your blood if you've been drinking whiskey. We're not mummies but you'll be wrapped up in SKA! HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!

"ZOMBIES" the music video

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! We have posted the video on youtube! Just search that shite! Give us your feedback...Let us know if you like the vid. See you soon! Love Maxwell Smart

How to Skank and Pit 101

The one thing that we have noticed is the lack of participation from the crowd when they want to skank, or pit. Now we are old school so here is " How to Skank 101" First as you feel the good rythm running up your legs and into that beating heart of yours, dont be ashamed to let your body go and jump around. Now the trick is to get other people to jump like you at the same time. Without this effort your going to look like a dam fool. Sorry but its true , so next time just grab a friend and teach them your unique way of dancing to Maxwell Smart music. Secondly if you feel the need to pit ( HELL YEAH ) its always a good idea to grab the biggest person at the show befriend them and go into a pit with them. If you find yourself going into a pit Han Solo status make sure you dont punch any female punk rockers cause they will punch back and there is nothing you can do about it. Ladies there is no need to punch the guys. Your little fingers hurt. Trust us we rather buy you a drink then taking one in the face or ribbs. Welll thats the first lesson look out for new blogs coming soon. Bye bye now.

Maxwell Smart