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Most certainly if you are reading this it means you actually listen to the crazy music I place on this website. I decided to dust off some old demos and upload them here. I hope you all enjoy.


I have been a member of the virtual rock band DARK VICTORY for many years. I'm lead singer and keyboardist. KEVIN MICHAEL DALLAS


As artists we have a responsibility to weigh in on human rights issues. Let us band together for the good of ALL!


I'd like to get together with a few of the local artists here in St Louis County (I'm in Florissant) and do an open mike or something. Holla back @ kadje5@sbcglobal.net

a lot of help from my friends.pt1

I want everyone to know that New Orleans Is Coming Back Strong was originally written by American Lesley Jane. I took his Beatlesque song and redid it totally different. That my british friend Breathtax playing guitar on "Risky Behaviour."

words and music by Kevin Michael Dallas

I feel blessed to be able to actually perform and record the type of music that I have listened to my whole life. You can imagine that being a rocker can make you an outcast in an African American society that has forgotten Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Point is this...I have not forgotten. You are gonna hear modern and alternative rock here. You are gonna hear some ferocious fusion here as well. Hang on to yer hats!

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Serenada's Pen  (over 4 years ago)

Keep Up The Hard Work Kevin! There is an audience out here for you. #Rise2TheTop