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The Record is available

The Record "Get In" by The Dirty Hand Family Band is available. Get it today from us, 12 smash hits, 20 page booklet only 10 bucks. Shoot us an email at johnnydismal@yahoo.com. Title, "I want the new Dirty Hand Family Band cd"

Album art

Been working real hard all this week on the Album art.

1.Cover-Done 2.back cover-Done 3.Cd graphics-Done 4.Booklet art-Almost done. Everything shall be ready by the 1st of the month, then we start making the cd.

Day one of the studio

Just spent 15 hours in the studio yesterday, Johnny Crash came by with lovely Ellissa Fricano, and took some great photos of us. Scott did a great patient job with while we recorded 12 songs for our first album "Get in" (working title) on Dead Girl Records due out this fall. Thanks Tiny Telephone studios.

Getting ready for the studio

Tuesday July 26th, The Dirty Hand Family Band head to the studio. We have 4 days set aside over a one month period. When we're done, we'll have a cd which will be available about a month later on Dead Girl Records.