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I'm Back

For the last 5 or so years I've been dealing with this stupid short in my computer monitor cable that caused it to randomly turn itself off. Monitor was so old that it actually had a start-up sequence that lasted for approximately 20s. I was just dealing with it for the longest time, but eventually it got so bad that it was turning itself off ever 10s or so. It rendered my desktop useless for editing of any kind, blogging, updating my websites, etc. And composing/scribing sheet music? Forget about it.

As you're all well aware from previous entries, my life took an unexpectedly rough turn in 2013 for various reasons and I've been trying to dig myself out ever since. It goes without saying that moving across the country, then across state lines, then across the state in the space of 18mo is expensive. The lifestyle required to accommodate that sort of relocation is devastating. I have lived in Chattanooga for 2 years now and I'm coming up on my 2 year anniversary of decent employment at a lovely location and I am just now financially stable enough to have replaced my computer monitor, but only because of blessed Black Friday online deals.

So I'm back here with you all and I'm terribly excited to be so. I'm hoping to sort out my online blog, BlueAprilWorld, from it's weird circumstance of locking me out on the phone app. And who wants to try to type something profound on a phone anyway? I'm back to practicing my instruments. I have a gig next week. I have enough room to maneuver in my apartment. I have a reliable enough computer system to finally mix down the recordings that I made in 2014 and hopefully record some more demo material so I can slowly but surely make a grand re-entrance into the beautiful world of performance art.

What's on the horizon? More music available via the internet. A home all my own that doesn't share walls with anyone else which will allow me the ability to teach again and to record with no surprise interruptions. A certification in harp therapy. Maybe even enrollment in a masters degree of ethnomusicology.

I have been suicidal. I have been merely depressed. I have been hungry. I have been down and out. I have given up on my dreams only to begin to redream them.

I have become the phoenix and I'm so glad that you all are here as my witnesses. I hope to embolden you to never give up on your calling because you were added into this world for a reason that only you, living as yourself, can fulfill.

Overdue Update

I haven't really wanted to post a blog update here because I keep thinking that if I wait I'll have something wonderful to write about. Fact is, 2014 has been about slowing down and healing from a life of "productivity is everything and you must do ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME." My entire being is so burned out. I'm really missing the two friends I've lost in the last year. I've been unemployed for most of 2014 and moved across the country once and done a short hop since then. I'm about to move again, in fact, and the idea, while exciting, wearies me to the core. I've always wanted the music and the art to be what I do. No "normal" job. No rigid working schedule. I just want to get up every morning and do what the universe brings me- a costume piece, a song, a recording, bake a new recipe. My expectation of adulthood was that I'd likely have to work part time, but I'd be married and his income would take care of the bulk of the bills. I was mentally and emotionally completely unprepared for the situation in which I find myself. As a result of the life-shattering events of 2013 and the unemployment of 2014, I have completely rethought my life. I have, I'll admit, even considered giving up on the music entirely. It's just monstrously difficult to heal through my inner demons, support myself in this economy AND be an artist/musician. Maybe I don't actually have anything valid or valuable to say. Maybe I'm not actually talented enough to deserve a following. Maybe the music is really just me trying to work through my own problems and justifying it by putting it out there for others to listen to. Meanwhile, I'm still gaining fans. I'm steadily approaching 300 and I've never personally met most of you. That's just dumbfounding... and encouraging. I hope that you're here because you actually enjoy what I do and appreciate what I have to say. But whatever the reason, thanks for being here as I produce at my own pace in my quest and desire to bring you something worthy of your attention. I'm currently sitting on a string of recording that I did for a demo track. I am dealing with the mental demons preventing me from editing it so it can be posted. I hope I can produce that for you soon. Thanks for being here.

In Retrospect

2013 was terrible. I know that's not really the upbeat and positive take you're supposed to have as an artist, but I'ma tell it like it is. Almost lost my life. Lost months of time in recovery that had been set aside for recording and marketing. Lost a lot of job opportunities as a result of that recovery. Had another whispering brush with death. Lost love. Lost money. Lost reliable transportation. Lost what little sanity I had left.

By the end of the year I was realizing that I wouldn't have enough money to continue my life here in Texas and was provided with a way out. In two weeks I'll be moving to Roanoke, VA. Now I've lost my home and all the wonderful people I've become friends with here.

It was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad year. But you know what? This is why we sing the blues. It's our way of reaching out to one another with the comfort that someone out there understands. So the next time your life goes straight to hell in a handbasket embroidered by the Devil himself, I'm here for you.

Catch you on the flip side.

Stunningly Honest

There are a lot of things in this world that are stunningly honest. Your paycheck. Your body when you've been working every waking hour for days on end. The brakes in your car. Your dog when he's hungry. It strikes me as inconsistent when you compare these stunningly honest things with your own mind.

My mind is highly fanciful. I couldn't have written all but two chapters of a full-fledged novel in the space of 30 days if it wasn't. My mind conceives that I should be able to record, mix and upload a new song for you every other month as well as create a new video just about as often, finish my novel and edit it before June, continue in my 3 volunteer positions as well as my two personal businesses and helping out in the at home business of another, be a fabulous wife and home maker, create and complete beautiful and unique costuming for my Live Action Role Plays, create and test new recipes for my website...it goes on and on.

Some of you got a few items into that list and were already exhausted. I don't blame you. Looking at it in whatever font this is strips away the idealism and makes me remember there are only 24hrs in a day and some of those are meant for sleeping. It makes me realize that I need to get real with my expectations of myself. Time is stunningly honest.

So this year, while I had all these lofty goals and ideas, I believe I should begin to be stunningly honest with myself. I cannot make music and videos at the speed of light, particularly since I refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity. My new and more realistic goals for 2013 include offering 2 new songs this year and possibly one video. It's extremely difficult to perform and do studio work at the same time (which is why most signed artists don't) and I have very little choice in the matter since I'm a one woman show. I think it's time to act like it and accept that I can only do so much with my time.

I'm excited to share some of the songs I've been working on and already perform live whenever I get the chance to sit down and do some more recording. I've gotten some very positive reactions to my latest harp with vocals ventures. Who knows? Maybe you'll even see me at Ren Faire. But whatever happens in 2013, know this: I'm still dedicated to bringing you thoughtful lyrics blended with beautiful accompaniment of all kinds of styles and instrumentations. My deepest appreciation to all my fans. You really have encouraged me through 2012 and I'm looking forward to more good times in 2013. ~April

One Step at a Time

That's how we reach our dreams. My most recent step was to become a regular performer at Napoli's in Mansfield, TX. This summer I'll be there every Friday and Saturday night. I'm stoked! It's so fun to sit there with my harp and let my own little world spin out into the world of another. I get to help create that romantic moment, inspire that child or put that mind at ease. What a privilege. What a joy. I love being a musician.

New Year, New Stuff

Now that 2012 is fully under way, Blue April has taken stock and made a few changes to keep things fresh this year! The band has reviewed the songlist and chosen to drop all the big loud country numbers in favor of a more intimate songlist. The new songlist will also focus on more original work than arrangements. We've added a harp to the mix too and are really looking forward to the challenges and advantages of the new sound. April is enjoying brushing up on her harp skills and playing with different nontraditional harp sounds via distortion and effects. She's also having fun filling out the songlist with more of her original work. She's hoping to post some great new videos on youtube and maybe even a few audio tracks this year. Dave is adding to his guitar and guitar accessory collection. He's also brushing up on his glass slide skills. Recently he's taken to some songwriting of his own and we're looking forward to hearing some guitar centered instrumentals added to the Blue April mix. We hope y'all enjoy what we bring to the stage and the internet this year! Here's to 2012!

A Long Time Coming

Every year I wait for Christmas. Its my favorite holiday. You can probably tell by the album cover that I get a little excited. I love looking back and realizing how far Ive come over the past year and, let me tell you, this year Ive begun to realize some of my wildest dreams. I hope youre in it for the long haul, because I know I am. Over the next year Im looking forward to adding an acoustic/electric harp to the mix and integrating more original work. My album, Christmas in April, is a bare smattering of songwriting and arranging. Im looking forward to taking you to new places and exploring new sounds as we squint into the future together.