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Merry Christmas

Well...Christmas is finally here! The fireplace is roaring, the Christmas lights are blinking, and families and friends are getting stuffed from eating turkey. Or as we wanted a change, we are having roast; change is good even on the holidays. What is Christmas really about? Jesus' Birthday, family, and being together on a very wonderful day. So, i hope everybody got what they wanted, and that they have a blessed day. I got Avon products and gift cards. What about all of you? Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all, M&M (Happy December)

New songs and a random question!

Hey everyone, I am working on some new songs, but it will be a while before I am able to record some new stuff. Does everyone wonder why we sometimes waste time talking about nothing? What is it that we find so much time to talk about? Is it worthwhile? We listen to people talk and then in turn we also talk. But what is it that we talk about. Well just a random question to think about. M&M (Happy December)

Good Afternoon!

It is a nice day, even though i have alot of homework left to do! Still working on those new beats and hope to have a new song completed by the end of this year, seems like a long time away. M&M

Working on new stuff!

Hey Everyone I am working on some new beats and some new songs! Hope to have some finished soon!

Songs added!

I added a few songs! One of them featured is my first song "Where is Hospitality?" which is based on Romans 12:13.

Working on songs!

Sorry i still don't have any music uploaded! But i am still working on my songs and they will hopefully be out in the next couple of months!

About my music!

sorry i don't have any music on my site yet..i am working on some stuff and will have it up soon!!