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This spring

New music all spring will be on: https://rufaro.bandcamp.com/track/too-much-talking

Online gta

My new favotite passtime:) Thankz Mr/madam 'afrokingalmighty' for hanging out w/me online!

Favorite/artists reccomend list

Reverb listeners. Add me to your artists recommendation lists...if deserving,thankz;)

Free Movies


The future

stats show 98% of my fan base is FEMALE! SWEET! Ladies

i've been working hard,banging 6+ hrs of

rehearsing,adding Power chords(These cords are easy to

play,which is why there are so many power chord

guitarist,but they pack a major rocknroll sound.)to my

arsenal; !IT'S TIME TO ROCK! Stealing back the music

w/ ZEPPLIN,AC.DC,White Stripes(and thats just my

opening),my originals will bang even harder. 2 venues

in Daytona have given me the ok,so im fine tuning my

hour long set:) Any cover ideas are welcomed. We'll be

adding cover samples to the site soon. Keep sharing:)

Artist wanted

Have an idea?Lets work on it!


Any of you need music,please get w/me!Yuo tell me the key,i'll jam it out!

Full circle(music,fasion)

Its time for the Blues to become re-focused,re-engineered for the masses.My recipi:1part Hio-hop 2 partsBlues guitar 1/2 rock-n-roll. With varying additions of spanish,funk,jazz.Bon appetite