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Anyone down to get on a track with ya boy Al the riddler lets make it happen! im open to all offers i wont judge.. if you believe in yourself ill believe in you so hit me up and lets make it happen!


Everyone these days has their own interpretation of what hip-hop is.But very few interpret the right way. it is and art. it is an emotion. all this modern day so called hip-hop is not at all truely hip-hop. its rap re-invinted and there is nothing interesting about it. i dont care if you have more money than i do because in the end... we're all equal. so start rapping about true real shit and understand that you wanna give people ideas about life instead of informing them that they are less than because you have more money. im bringing back the true meaning of hip-hop.

*New Mixtape..

"ENIGMA" new solo mixtape comin soon by yours truely. Wait for it!