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Getting out of your own way

When my mind races in several directions at once I slow myself down to reign in my thoughts. They can still be everywhere just as long as I know what I'll be working with at that moment. The number one agenda is to: WORK ON SONGS~ Finishing one at a time and having it done to record. That's what everything I do in this life is revolved around. I'm an artist and I have something to share.

How do you manage your time to keep growing and advancing with your music?

How do you overcome your fears?

Getting out of your own way implies there are more than one self. That the ego stops the spirit from glowing; or something like that. Taming the monkey mind. Trusting the Universe. Being confident in what you have to give to this world.

So it's easy to lose motivation and to become lazy if you don't have the self esteem and are full of self doubt. Here are some main things that I let get in my way. (ultimately we are our own obstacles): Fear: What band mates would think. That the verses are too wordy, the song is too long, the songs sound the same, there are too many changes or not enough changes, that there is no bridge in one song..... Worrying sucks. ~Everyday life- Cleaning, laundry, organizing, fixing up an elderly and broken down house ( but I love it!!!), doing rooms over, time with friends and family, dealing with monies owed, working the job that is not musical, ...

The things that I would like to take up my time and 'get in the way' of my music process are: Booking gigs (I don't actively do this right now because I don't think I have an accurate recorded representation of my music- yet. Making art- I enjoy painting, drawing, constructing interesting sculptures Being in nature- Gardening, lawn work, talking to the animals Playing the piano- Sight reading/singing. I love it and it warms my heart!

And I want to get over my guilt complex for not managing my time better to have enough for family and my songs. I'm aware of neglecting the things that need love and attention to properly grow. And I don't want to build up resentment towards people and feel obligated just because I'm not managing my time efficiently.

How do you or the creative types that you know manage their time so they keep the art alive and kicking?

How do you overcome your obstacles?

Thanks for reading. Now I'm off to figure some stuff out on Garageband. Twang!! Margot

a little info..

Classical piano and violin student transformed into alt. rock performer/poet. Hawaiian born, Margot's greatest inspiration is the love of the land. She's spiritual and sees her creativity as a way to enlightenment and transcendence. She's concerned with humanity losing their instincts and intuition. Her performances are fiery, edgy, sensual and very powerful. Margot is living in Saratoga Springs NY where she is working on all things creative. She performs cover songs, original music and poetry. Sometimes Margot works in film production and video to express her visual side. She has a BA in Television Production and Photography from SUNY Plattsburgh where she also played Basketball. Margot lived in Boston for 8 years where she ran an open mic with award winning poet Regie Gibson, performed keys for pop rock band Ramona Silver, managed the Bachrach Photography Studio, busked in the streets and subways, and got into slam poetry. This is an original artist with creativity and passion you have never seen before. aloha!