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Ancient Ruins Album

Hi everyone! My very first CD album, Ancient Ruins was released on Dec. 11th 2013. It is now available on i-Tunes, Amazon, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/brittanyelliott3 and many more sites to choose from or wherever you buy your songs from. From rumblefish to last.fm, it is there. This album has Native American Flute accompanied by various instruments. Some even sound cinematic but you have to listen to it first to find out. This is my very first album and I am very excited to release it. Please support a new artist by purchasing their songs/albums. Also, you can follow me on facebook, twitter and of course on reverbnation. Facebook: facebook.com/brittanyelliottmusic Twitter: BE_composer Reverbnation: Brittany Elliott

November 5, 2013

Things have been crazy around here for the past 3 months. Back in August, I was asked to write a score for a film to enter in a 48 hour Guerilla Film Challenge. By the end of October, the film I worked on was nominated for Best Score and now, I got an opportunity to write a theme for a radio talk show AND another film on top of that. I am SO blessed to have these opportunities and to broaden my horizons. I got to say, it's been an awesome 3 months. I will keep you all updated on what's going on and please stay tuned for my new Native American CD that will be coming out. Still writing a few songs to go with the CD. Next step is to record live audio without the unnecessary sound of tractors hauling or squealing in and out of the driveway or chickens ''laughing''. Got to love the farm life! Thank you all for listening to my music and supporting me! Don't forget to support other musicians/composers as well! There are some REALLY good ones out there we haven't come across yet.

Album Coming Soon!

BREAKING NEWS: After two years of attempting on making a CD, having a computer crash and lost all of my data, I am now building up my Native American Flute CD. There will be more news about the CD over time. As of now, it is still in the making. Hope you all are enjoying my works and please spread the word and help me get my music out there. Thank you for your support! It really means a lot to me.

July 17, 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the summer weather. I'm working on keeping you all updated a little more frequently than what I have been doing. Things have been very busy. Well that's life for you. Never a dull moment. Well I got some good news for you. I remastered my 'Tick-Tock' piece which I wrote in 2009. I'm not sure if I should talk about it or should listeners like you should discuss it among yourselves. I don't think any great composer(s) need to explain themselves or their masterpieces. The story behind 'Tick-Tock' is a rather short one. January of 2009, I was in my college dorm room getting ready to go to bed for I had a long day of classes the next morning. As I was about to sign off my computer for the night, I decided to have a little fun with my music software. So I opened up my full score and began writing. I had no idea what I was doing at the time. Just started putting random notes on the page and an hour or so later, 'Tick-Tock' was born. My professors at the time claimed it was ''cute'', ''A masterpiece'', ''Wonderful to listen to'' and ''...in a Neo-classical style''. But that's for you to decide and that is the story of how the piece was born. Today, I have a new piece I've been working on for months. It's very dramatic and some parts just might give you the chills and possibly some tears for a quick moment. I believe it is movie material. If you think so, get that song out there!!!! It will be available for you all to listen to very soon. Just have to fix up a few things towards the end of the piece and check the sounds on it. The new song is great! You got to listen to it when it's up. The description for it will be up once the song is ready which will be VERY soon. Thanks for reading! Feel free to listen to my latest works, comment/questions. Feel free to ask away or say what's on your mind! Follow me on Facebook: brittanyelliottmusic Twitter: BE_composer


I've been working on my website for quite sometime and it's finally up. It's not in my own domain yet but you are free to check it out. I got a lot of material to work with (music wise) and I promise you that you'll never hear the last of me. You see, I love writing music. I never found a more passionate talent than ever before and I want to share my talent with you. Music is my life. I grew up around it constantly and I want to share my musical journey, my passion, my ideas with all of you. My goal is to have everyone enjoy the sounds of my music and to get it out there onto the silver screen, the big screen, anything with movies/games, some kind of entertainment we have out there! So please check out my website: http://bellblume89.wix.com/brittanyelliottmusic Thank you and thank you again for your support.

Holiday Music

Hello to all, I recently posted some of the Holiday Tunes. I have more still in progress and not sure if it'll get done before Christmas since it is quickly approaching. YIKES! Talk about how time flies. There are 4 new songs posted for the Holiday and I hope you will enjoy them. Spread the word. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays. May they all be bright and full of joy. Thank you all for listening to my music. You are welcome to comment, like it for your Facebook friends, etc. Have a great Holiday! And thanks again!

Fallen Heroes

I am proud to announce 'Fallen Heroes'. This piece is dedicated to my grandfathers and to all of the war veterans who have served. I've been working on this piece for over a year and on Thanksgiving Day, I was going to show my grandfather (who served in the Air Force in WWII) which was also his birthday. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could hear it. Luckily, my other grandfather (also served in the Air Force in WWII) heard my piece and he loved it. This is ONLY the MIDI file of the piece and it does have words/text to it. But the MIDI doesn't do that so all you'll hear will be Ahhs. I would love to get a group together (orchestra, choir and wind ensemble) to play this piece. It would be wonderful to hear it live. I hope you will enjoy 'Fallen Heroes' and remember to thank a veteran. Thank you.

P.O.L. Society
P.O.L. Society  (over 6 years ago)

Wonderful honey! I can assure you your Grandfather who is now in Heaven can still hear your songs and probably now better than ever! I'm sure his light is shining down on you with pride, joy and love. :o)

November 15, 2011

I know I haven't been blogging as much but just to keep you all updated, I have written another piece called "Revengen". At first it was called "Falling of The Black Knight" but I thought Revengen fits better to the piece. I will post it up on Reverbnation soon as I can. Right now, I'm working on another piece for film. Just started it a few days ago so we'll see how things go. If you know anyone in the film business or experienced in writing film music, let me know! I would like to get an opportunity in the film music business and for some advice on how to pursue my career. It seems so neat and awesome to write for movies. I think this is my true calling. Anyway, check out my songs. I'll be posting up more and more as time goes on along with updating my Reverb Store. Also I'm on facebook: Brittany Elliott Music and Twitter: BE_Composer. You guys are awesome and I wish you much success in the near future. Thank you so much for your support.

P.O.L. Society
P.O.L. Society  (over 6 years ago)

Dear Brittany,
I plan to help you fulfill your dreams in any way I can. It just may take a little time. In the mean time keep working on producing your beautiful music!
Best wishes,
Cliff Ford ~ P.O.L. Society

Film Scores

Hi everyone! Just to keep you updated of what's going on in the music world. You may have known that I have completed my first masterpiece. My goal was to get it done by November and I did. One of the glitches I found was well, I forgot to put in the lyrics. How crazy is that? I'm trying to come up with some lyrics that'll fit perfectly into a section that sounds absolutely beautiful. Other than that, it's finished and is ready to be performed. I'm debating if I should put in lyrics or nothing at all. What sounds more powerful? Any suggestions? Well, in the meantime, I am now working on another film score called "Falling Of The Black Knight". A medieval / symphonic piece I just started working on last night. The title may change but at the moment, it is what it is. This piece may take some time to work on. As of now, it sounds really good. I must go and get back to work. Please feel free to check out my music, fan me, follow me on Twitter or like me on facebook. "Brittany Elliott (Official). Thank you so much for your support and have a wonderful weekend!

P.O.L. Society
P.O.L. Society  (over 6 years ago)

You're a diamond jewel Brittany! Do whatever you feel comes from your heart lyrics or no lyrics and I'm sure it will be wonderful. Very much looking forward to all that you do in the musical beauty you bring to the world! ~ Cliff Ford, P.O.L. Society

Brittany Elliott
Brittany Elliott  (over 6 years ago)

Thank you so much Cliff! Hope all is well in CA.

September 21, 2011

Hi everyone! Would you believe it's September already? It's crazy this year is going by really fast! It's been a while since I wrote a blog so let me recap. I've been super busy with the family along with a great tragedy we have come across. For 16 years of my life, I have lost a great friend whom I lived with, talked with and learned many stories about the good old days. That was my grandfather. A World War II veteran who have inspired me for many years to become who I am today. He taught me lots of things even though he couldn't show me all of those things in his final days. He was a wonderful grandfather who I will dearly miss and to dedicate his life, I'm creating a little masterpiece that will be available for everyone to hear. I've been working on it for almost a year now and was going to show him the finished piece on his birthday in November. But I was too late to show him that. In any case, it is almost finished and my main goal is to get it done, have it recorded by many artists BEFOFE November. This piece has some complicated licks (including the Trumpet parts), beautiful harmonics and a strong message. It combines choral, brass, woodwinds and orchestra. This piece is going to be huge and hopefully will be sung and played live in front of many veterans as well as the rest of the audience.

If I somehow can not manage to get it done by November then it's no biggy. It's just my goal to try to get it done by then. Once it has been written, I'll post up the MIDI version of the piece. Well that's my update for now and until then, I'll talk to you all later. Check out my facebook page: "Brittany Elliott (Official)" . Thanks for reading and I'll write more when I get a chance. -Brittany