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new song for everyone

i just got settled into my new home recording set up. im pretty happy with my first attempt at "engineering" and producing. ill get the hang of everything eventually. i hope everyone enjoys the new song as much as i enjoyed creating it! :)

working on a plan of action

my brain is always busy. lately ive been cooking up some ideas for promotion and exposure.

it's gonna take some work and a lot of patience but i think it will be worth it...

good things

it looks like there is some good things on the horizon. im excited. nervous. stressed.

ill keep yall updated on everything as it unfolds...


first time out in a while

so i played a small set at an open mic last week. it went very well. i made a few new fans/connections. i love performing. im looking forward to doing it a lot more. alos looking forward to my upcoming show in september.

ugh. i need a nap. but first? movie night! :)

trying to get the music out there

ive been submitting my RPK to some festivals and online events and what not. i definitely need some prayers! :)

movin on up!

wow! up 10 slots on the local pop charts in 3 days! what does that mean???

loving this

when i went to sleep last night i checked my stats and was #17 on the local pop chart. when i woke up i was at #13. im not really sure what that means but it sure feels good.

i'd love to see myself in the top 5 soon.

i need to grab more fans.


new here

this is my first entry. i dont normally blog. but im trying to do what it takes to get somewhere.

im nervous about my first upcoming show. ive never been payed to play anywhere. ive never been booked anywhere. ive never had a flyer made for me. its a strange feeling. i cant wait.

i cant wait to see where this goes...