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Deciphered From Dead Space

Are you still with me? Am I keeping you interested?

.....anyways....don't worry this won't take long.

"All Your Love" is another song that's been around the Ichabod camp for a few years but went unfinished. The "All Your Love" chorus was the only part of the vocal arrangement that had been in place and I was left in charge of bringing the rest of the story to life. I chose to write and angry love song, one for all those guys who picked the wrong girl and thought it was all their faults for being a loser but now is empowered by the bludgeoning force of a 70's rock anthem that he hears blasting out of his stereo during a "bone-cruise". The additional back-up vocals courtesy of the beautiful and talented Elise, Courtney, & Keisha. This song is a true Rock N' Roll monster!!!

108 is probably the most genre stretching and intensely diverse song on the entire album. I felt a lot of emotion from the 1st time I uttered the lyric "We took another trip to the other side and we watched the planets float by." For the record IT'S NOT A LOVE SONG. It's a story of souls on a journey from the beginning of life to death. HEADPHONES....LISTEN TO THE SONG ON HEADPHONES....there's a lot going on with this on...enjoy some of the sacred plant and blast off for 9+ min of sonic bliss.

The last track "Return Of The Hag" is an instrumental and feels sort of like it belongs in a 70's "blacksploitation" flick you'd catch a double feature of at the drive in. Blues, soul, & flutes abound!!

Well that's it, the concept in a nutshell. We really hope you like this record, it was a long time coming to bring it to life and offer it to you, the fans. We love writing this music hopefully as much as you all enjoy listening to it. Look for us to hit the road in support of this album for the rest of 2012 and into 2013....if we make it past "doomsday" ...i'm just not sure if that's Nov 6th or Dec 21st. *twilight zone music*

To quote a great man ~ Shazzam Bitches!!!

Deciphering Dreamscapes...

Hey, it's Johnny.... I'd just like to take a little time and breakdown some of the themes that we're dealing with on the new album and give you a song by summary.

The album starts off with "Huckleberry". It was the first song I was introduced to when at my audition for the band and I had the chorus locked down almost instantly. "Tell them I'm coming and hell's coming with me.." just seemed to fall from my lips as soon as I heard Dave chug thru the riff a few times. The rest of the song seemed to come together just as naturally as the chorus did once I sat down with the scratch tracks of the tunes. It's loosely based on one of my favoirte movies off all-time: Tombstone. It's easily on of my favorite tracks on the album and a crowd pleaser with that catchy chorus.

The second track "Looking Glass" was another one of the first tracks I was given when I joined but strangely it wasn't until I was standing in front of the microphone in the studio that the lyrics came together; after a night of heavy consumption of Harpoon Brewery's Leviathan Imperial Rye...it was such an inspiration that the first line "let's ride this Leviathan into the other side of morning" is an eternal tribute to it's musings. The track is dark, brooding, and brutal from start too finish. I put alot of my feelings on the world out there in plain site and this song is just a preview of what else is to come on the album in this particular area.

"Baba Yaga" as a concept for a song was pre my joining Ichabod but not lost in the shuffle. I was introduced to the Eastern European folk tale of the pestle-riding hag infamous for choking the lives of men away in their sleep. Another catchy set of lyrics quickly developed from just a few different tellings of the tale I was able to find online.

"Epiphany" is a brief commentary on the way I feel that technology is pulling us closer together and pulling us apart simultaneously. Our loss of privacy in the physical world at the hands of the digial one. I don't know whether or not I fear or embrace the idea of the "singularity" more and I think that shows thru in some of the lyics: "you can't see the universe before the galaxy" & "expanding infinity contracting infinitely / contracting infinity expanding infinitely" I got a real Tool inspired vibe from this song as soon as I heard it and it definitely shows through in it's presentation. Talk of a video for this song is in the works....we shall see.

"Hollow God" Some of the lyrics for this song I've had laying around for about 2 years and once Dave Iverson[gtr.] started telling me a story of a local "holy man" who built a real life gigantic "metal god" and tried to convince his followers that they could will it to life to be their own God. I knew I had some words to dust off and apply to this one and that they'd be perfect. This is also the "heaviest" track on the album by far. It starts off all soft and melodic and quickly devolves into a scathing rant against all representations of a "higher being" both spiritually and politically. A great song for the current times.

part II coming soon....

New show added!!

Ichabod has been added to the lineup of Witch Mountain, Castle, & Second Grave on Thursday November 1st at Ralph's Diner in Worcester MA. METAL THURSDAY 21+ $8 8pm

New album info

Dreamscapes From Dead Space is set to be released on 9/25 thru Rootsucker Records