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Music Collection in the Space Age

I love receiving free music, whether thru downloading mp3/mp4 files or uploading directly from the cd. As a DJ, I was fortunate enough to see the transformation technology has had on the music industry, in particular the way we collect and store the hits. I was able to experience the feeling of digging thru crates at the record store, or walking home with a armful of vinyls and someone saying "Ohh, So you're a DJ?" Those days have disappeared, nobody knows you DJ now until u pull out 2 tables and a microphone. Along with sentimental experiences, the ease of DJ'ing has become more complicated. In the beginning, the industry was not so crowded. Less artists=Less Music. In the 80's when an artist completed a song he would get it directly to the DJ, and the song was spun constantly because there weren't many artists out similar. Nowadays with artists banging out 3/4 songs in a night, releasing the songs on various sites it has become slightly harder keeping up. If you have a computer you can have an album complete an ready for pressing. The industry is altogether cluttered and as a DJ I appreciate any help from family, friends or my own fans to assist me in collecting faster and more effectively. 1st entry