Far From It / Blog

One of these days.

So we have been at this a little while now, and I feel more excited every day. A lot of things are in the works. We are working on new songs constantly. Trying to keep it fresh for you. In an age of mass produced flim-flam we keep rock real. Keep throwing your hands up. -AW


We are kicking ass in preparation to our first show, we are hoping to be on stage by mid September. We wouldn't be able to do this without a big deal of support from friends, family, and other artists. Plasticity Switch's band members have been amazingly supportive and we can't wait to do a show with them, they rock! Shout outs to everyone else I didn't mention...I'm super excited about seeing all of you out there.---Mat MC Covert HOLLA!

Awesome fans!

so here we are, 8 years later, and FFI is jumping back on the scene with overwhelming support from our fans, new and old! We cannot express enough appreciation for you guys! As with any band, without the support of our fans, we're just strokin ourselves in the band room. So, without further adieu, we ask you to tell your friends, your relatives, your pastor (okay, probably not a good idea) and help us spread the word. Also, we would like to give Q102 in Springfield a mad props for the airplay, Bailey, you kick ass!

Where has all the hardcore gone?

I wake up everyday with a feeling of unexplainable sadness, everybody cries about everything...even me, at this moment is whining in a blog on his reverbnation account. So I'm asking, nay, pleading for more tough, take no shit, can do attitude out of everybody. We all get so fed up with everyday life and do nothing to change it, I'm changing it, I'm changing me to make my world better for me...and you can piss off, pleasing people isn't part of my vernacular, I'm here to make your ears bleed. I'm here to wake you up at night in cold sweats when you breath my name, I am your guardian, your peace maker, and your antagonizer. I'm for fighting for everything, accepting nothing than the best and taking the word no as a grain of salt, you will wish you never crossed a man like me, I'm everything you have ever wanted and everything you ever feared, and, I am whatever you want in life, and I am FAR FROM IT.