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Open 'Til Midnight music blog plug for Sills and Smith

"Sills & Smith Release New Tracks To Stream; Third Album In Works - Ottawa alt-folk band Sills & Smith are hard at work on their third album, another ambitious endeavour (15 tracks seems to be the magic number in the air right now). To tide fans over, they’ve thrown up two new tunes to stream: “Promises” and “Hold Tight”, the latter of which is one of their strongest outings to date. Give it a spin below then head to ReverbNation! " - Amber Scoyne, Open 'Til Midnight (Nov 15, 2012) http://otmblog.com/2012/11/16/sills-third-album-in-works/

Four songs recorded today at Corvidae Music!

Jonathan Edwards, Jeremy Sills and I convened today at Jonathan's studio for a recording session and it was a very productive experience. With Jonathan in the engineer's/producer's chair in his control room, Jeremy and I put down initial guitar and vocal tracks for four songs: Amanda (For Amanda Todd), Be Careful, It's Freezing in Here and A Church in The Country. Jeremy strapped on his acoustic guitar for this session and we mostly shared the singing duties. These are scratch tracks, so Jonathan will need to add extra electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums and keyboards where necessary. And we'll be going back in the studio over the next few weeks to do more vocals. Jeremy will certainly be playing a lot more guitar in future sessions. But the tunes were sounding great, with just guitar and voice on this day. Clearly, the many hours that Jeremy and I have spent rehearsing the songs over the last few weeks is paying off. We now have a total of 19 songs recorded, two of which are complete (Hold Tight and Promises) for the third full-length Sills and Smith studio album. We'll have some decisions to make, as we expect this to be a 15 track effort, but Jonathan has plenty of great material to work with. We are very excited about this album, which we plan to unleash on the world in early 2013. I'll keep you posted as things progress with this disc in the next few weeks. Cheers, Frank

kloudworks  (over 5 years ago)

19 songs?! Awesome! Good luck, friends. ~ kappi

Splendid rehearsal today...back in the recording studio Thursday!

Jeremy Sills and I convened at our Glebe avenue rehearsal space today for a late afternoon practice to run through a bunch of tunes. We are preparing for another recording session with Jonathan Edwards at his studio Corvidae Music scheduled for Thursday. We sang 5 songs: A Fever Dream, A Church in The Country, It's Freezing In Here, Be Careful and Amanda. The latter track is a brand new song written for and dedicated to Amanda Todd. All of the stuff sounded sweet to my ears. Jeremy played acoustic guitar and had some cool effects going on too, to add to the atmospherics. We are raring to go for our next get-together with Jonathan. The new Sills and Smith album is definitely beginning to gel -- scheduled for release in early 2013 -- with 15 tracks recorded and in various stages of completion. I'll write another blog Thursday after our trip to Corvidae Music to keep you informed. Cheers, Frank

Productive recording session today!

Jeremy Sills, Jonathan Edwards and I had a very productive recording session today at Jonathan's Ottawa studio Corvidae Music. Man, Jonathan has really spiffed-up his studio with the new bamboo floors and various acoustic treatments. When we were ushered into the new surroundings it was hard not to be impressed. Jonathan explained all of the enhancements in great detail, so much so that it went a little over my head. It does sound much different in there. Oddly, my speaking voice sounds precisely like Sir Laurence Olivier in Jonathan's new digs. But I digress. After some tuning of Jeremy's acoustic guitar and checking of levels we got down to work smartly. We already had nine tracks of the third Sills and Smith album recorded; two completed and seven with just guitar and voice. Today, we set out to get closer to the number of songs we would need for the full length album. We exceeded initial expectations, managing to record guitar and voice to a click track for six tunes: Endings and Beginnings, Living On An Island, Child of Mine, Parachute Love, I Know and In Memory. We were both singing well on the day and Jeremy was doing some lovely riffing and finger-style playing. Jonathan provided extra reverb and delay on the guitar on a few of the tunes. All in all, a great day in the studio. Jonathan will begin adding drums, bass, other guitars, keyboards and his vocals in the weeks ahead to build the arrangements. We will also be called upon to sing parts again and Jeremy will most definitely be contributing some beautiful vocalizations as he did on our discs No Way In, No Way Out (2012) and Uncertain Vista (2011). We have set another date for a recording session next Thursday, as there are several other new songs we've been rehearsing, that we'd like to try out in the studio so we have extra material to choose from. We expect to have the third Sills and Smith album out in early 2013. Can't wait for you folks to hear the music. This record is really going to be something! More news to follow soon as Jonathan progresses with the mixes. Cheers, Frank

kloudworks  (over 5 years ago)

Great news, Frank. Sounds like a very inspiring recording session. Good luck with album three and all the work ahead. I'm sure we can look forward to many great new songs ~ kappi

Back in the studio on Monday!

Jonathan Edwards' studio Corvidae Music has undergone a major renovation and upgrade over the last few weeks! Rumour has it Jonathan also decided to spruce himself up with a series of expensive botox injections. As a result, it may difficult to tell if he is mad or happy with our vocals in recording sessions, which is frankly a bit concerning. Nevertheless, Jeremy Sills and I will be back at Jonathan's studio on Monday to continue recording the third Sills and Smith album. We are excited about the new material, which has been well-practiced over the last few weeks in our Glebe street rehearsal space. Two songs -- Promises and Hold Tight --- are already completed and seven other tracks have one guitar and voice. Cheers, Frank

Rehearsals continue, recording next week!

Had a great late afternoon music rehearsal with Jeremy Sills today. We have two brand new songs in the roster since last Thursday: Living On An Island and It's Freezing In Here. Sounding really good. We plan to be back at Jonathan Edwards' studio, Corvidae Music next week to continue recording the third Sills and Smith album. http://www.reverbnation.com/sillssmith

kloudworks  (over 5 years ago)

Good luck and enjoy it. Cheers ~ kappi

Productive rehearsal and songwriting session yesterday!

Yesterday, Jeremy Sills and I had a great rehearsal and songwriting session at a magical, secret music space in Ottawa's Westboro neighbourhood. We rehearsed about 10 songs for the next studio album. It all sounded pretty sweet to my ears. I think we are really hitting our stride as a band, exploring previously unchartered territory for us. These new songs are as strong melodically as anything we've done before -- lots of big, hooky choruses -- but with more complex arrangements. We're exploring new ways to use our voices. It seems the songwriting and our approach to the music has found us less inclined to just compose verse - chorus, verse - chorus tunes. There are more bridge parts to these songs and I think the final recordings will include a lot more of the layered vocals that we've worked to success on a song like Promises. Back at it again next Tuesday. Plans are in the works for a return to Jonathan Edwards' studio, Corvidae Music in another couple of weeks for more recording. The third Sills and Smith full-length studio album will be unleashed on the world in 2013. We'll keep you posted as things progress with this record. Cheers, Frank Smith

Recording session at Corvidae Music!

Jonathan Edwards and I got together today at his studio, Corvidae Music to lay down some bed tracks for three new Sills and Smith songs: Tornado Alley, It's Wrecked and Advice Best Taken. Jonathan played acoustic guitar and I sang to a click track. There was some lovely playing on Jonathan's part; his acoustic picking and strumming was chiming in my ears with wonderful resonance. I was pleased with my singing too in terms of phrasing, tone and pitch control. Jonathan had to coax me a bit as the session started as my timing was off on the chorus to Tornado Alley. Hey, I admit I have no sense of rhythm! I also have two left feet, so I'm no dancer. But in the end it all turned out well. Jeremy Sills will need to add his guitar and vocal parts at a later date. But at least Jonathan has a guitar and vocal track on three tunes that he can add drums, bass. more guitar and keyboards to build the full arrangements. So, we now have 2 songs completed and 7 songs with guitar and voice as we continue the recording project for the third Sills and Smith full length album. The disc will be out in 2013. We shall keep you posted as recording and rehearsals progress with the new material. Cheers, Frank

kloudworks  (over 5 years ago)

Hey Frank. Good news. I share the two left feet with you but do not agree with your lacking sense of rhythm given the S&S songs I know! Good luck anyways and great to hear more songs are in the pipeline. All the best ~ kappi

Studio time booked for September 24th...posting Would It All Be Different?

It's been awhile since the last Sills and Smith band blog posting. Jonathan Edwards is a busy fellow these days, so it is hard to book studio time at Corvidae Music. But a window of opportunity has opened up on Monday, September 24th to do some more recording. Looking forward to that day. On an entirely different matter, certain folks who have heard our No Way In, No Way Out album keep bugging us to post Would It All Be Different? on Reverbnation and Facebook. While you don't want to make too much material available on social media, in this modern age when even major labels are posting entire albums for listening on Youtube, resistance is futile. I figure as many people hear a good song, the better. Who knows with a link to our page on iTunes, some might even buy the tune or better yet, download the album. Anyway, you need to hear Would It All Be Different? because of the amazing playing and stellar mix and arrangement by Jonathan Edwards. And, Jeremy Sills just blows me away with his soaring vocalization on this track. Moving stuff. Would It All Be Different? is a sad song, but as with other sad tracks on No Way In, No Way Out, it is an observation on the human condition and dealing with difficulties in our lives as best we can. I will let you know more about the recording of our third album, as there is news to share. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14541105 Cheers, Frank

Music video of No Way In, No Way Out!

Exciting news folks! The brilliant Robin Youlton has created a music video for the title track to our second album No Way In, No Way Out. I think if I say anything about it in the blog that will spoil it for you, so just go ahead and watch it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkn3QvyEWqw&feature=youtu.be The new music video is now featured prominently on our Reverbnation and Facebook pages. Thanks so much Robin! Cheers, Frank