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I'm trying out this Blog thing, not sure what to do here, so I'm just gonna write what I like =)

Last Friday i spent writing a song with Paul Michell, who still needs to send me the audio of it, but I think it went really well. In 2 hours we hammered out a great song. Still not sure what we will call it yet. Gonna debut it at our show on August 19th tho. Can be a solo song, but we will perform it as a duet! Cant wait to share it!

So now my goal this weekend is to complete one of the 6 songs I have started. Hope to find inspiration tonight tho, going to see a great MN band called GB Leighton! Until later

Stacy Lee

Paul Michell
Paul Michell  (over 5 years ago)

sorry! been so busy! i will send you the audio by tomorrow. been working all week/so busy/bla bla bla bla bla. but yes. i PROMISE I WILL SEND IT TO YOU BY TOMORROW! GOT MORE BLANK CD'S FINALLY!