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Vans Warped Tour 6/18-8/8

Super psyched to be heading out on Vans Warped Tour this month! Check out the dates and come hang out with me! www.BandsInTown.com


Yesterday CraveOnline premiered the music video for my single "Cocaine"! Check it out! http://www.craveonline.com/music/articles/721767-video-premiere-meghann-wright-rocks-all-night-with-cocaine

LIVE at Gibson Showroom NY

Check out videos from my live performance with Andrew Nesbitt at the Gibson Showroom in New York for FeedTheArts.com on 5/21/14 here: http://www.meghannbwright.com/Videos \m/


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Finally after struggling with my messed up vox cords for a few weeks, I was able to finish tracking with Tim Gilles at Big Blue Meenie in NJ yesterday! The three song EP is now going into mix and I can't wait to hear the finished efforts of guitarist/producer Mark Williams and drummer Fabio Amatto! 3

Getting Better and Pushing Forward

I've been struggling for the last few weeks with a pseudocyst, basically a blister, on one of my vocal chords. I've been taking a ton of medication and have tried to rest my vocals as much as possible and even cancelled a show. I am hoping tomorrow all of the hard work and aggravation will pay off and I can track some killer vocals at Big Blue Meenie in New Jersey. 3

GRINDETHOS : Love Deep : Work Hard : Make Music

Today I was reminded by three people (two directly and one... through the ether) that it is important to do what you love. I often have doubts that I am doing the right thing, especially when I'm behind on rent, scraping change together to buy food, and turning down gig opportunities because I simply don't have the cash to travel.

But when I feel weak and doubtful, someone always comes along to get me back on track. In a telling note, Jason Lewis said: "Being independent, living a life you love is worth so much more than $." John Turbö encouraged: "I believe in doing what you enjoy in life, that way you're never truly "working" but living instead." Finally, (and I thank my colleagues at Premier Studios for this :P), Ben Haggerty eloquently phrased on his record The Heist, which I am incidentally gaga over at the moment, "A life lived for art is never a life wasted."

When you're feeling beat up and broken down, look to your friends, family, fellow artists and the people who make the art you love. The inspiration is always there.

Grindethos: work hard :: make music.


This week is packed with music! After my birthday last week which I celebrated with my brother and sister, I am back to the grind! Today (Monday) I am headed to CT to rehearse with my good friend Rob Maresca's band SteepGrade for their CD release show next week Wednesday! Tomorrow I am meeting with an indie startup rep who is helping bands book shows! Wednesday is a photo shoot with Lyndsay Weibalk for Bumble&Bumble and an overnight shift at Premier Studios Manhattan! Thursday is yet another photo shoot with Dmitri Wildfong-Nishman of Evilens Photography, then THE CITY AND THE HEART SHOWCASE PART II featuring Nkem, Juno Brown, and Madame! What a jam packed week! I am so excited to work with all of these amazing people and to be filling my life with music. I hope to see you all at Parkside Lounge this Thursday night at 9pm 317 E Houston NYC... Last time yours truly played a super secret set after the other acts so DON"T MISS OUT!!! 3


Check out my duo CASSOWARY with my sister Tara Dactyl at Zirzamin In the West Village tonight. We are on at 8:20pm. If you can't make it, stream it at live.budandroach.com and vote for us! /3 meg&tara

New Record, Indie Comp, and more in 2013!

Hey ya'll! In case you're wondering what I've been up to, I am currently working on producing new music with producer Aaron Levinson which will be set to video in 2013. I suffered a loss a week ago when my guitar case which contained my acoustic/electric Ovation, my laptop, studio Grado headphones and ID was stolen. I have been working with other awesome folks to help me get back on the production track. This weekend I restart work on the City and the Heart compilation of indie female singer/songwriters in the NYC area. I am also looking for a few musicians to join me when I start playing live again. If you or anyone you know is interested in playing on my record or playing live, hit me up! Please come out and see me and other great musicians on Tuesday January 22nd at the first Parkside Open Mic Party of 2013. Let's make this year awesome!