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I let my choppa go man talk is cheap/ One shot from my gun will send u up shit’s creek/ You say ur smoking loud well I don’t hear a thing/ I’m smoking on a blunt dats da height of Yao Ming/ True g for real I don’t fuckin portray/ Rip out your throat like Mcgruber Will Fortay/ Rolling haze everyday sittin on a cloud/ Wit chur mom on my dick dude she’s getting plowed/ I’mma giant ya’ll just fly specks/ I got a tech nine aiming at chur dialect/ Bitch show respect, when u see me stand straight/ Or I’ll take ur head an burn ur whole damn face/ I’m getting baked dawg my weed louder than a balled/ All about my green like all I fuckin eat is saled/ I’m up late all night watching jimmy fallon/ Drinkin too much alcohol, about five gallons/ I done took so many pills I’m stuck in paranoia/ I beat da beat up like Oscar Delahoya/ Keep running that thang dat chu call a mouth/ One call to my homie we’ll be in your house/ In da basement we’ll have ur ass duct taped/ Run up to ya sisters room an leave dat pussy raped/ So don’t hate on me boy cuz now you know/ If you fuck wit dude soldiers boy ur getting smoked/ Even if u talk just a tiny little murmur/ I’ll have ta get a teardrop on my face, proof of murder/ Damn I got a lotta cheese like a burger/ Anything I want can come true Timmy Turner/ Got dat burner by my hip man I shoot to kill/ Plus ur chicks getting screwed boy you know the drill/

Freestyle I Wrote No Beat

I flow like a river, amazon/ Any beat I go beast, pokemon/ Climbin up to the top, King Kong/ My name rings bells, Ding Dong/ I flow like a river, amazon/ Any beat I go beast, pokemon/ Climbin up to the top, King Kong/ My name rings bells, Ding Dong/

I’m smoking weed, Cheech and Chong/ My weed so strong it could run a marathon/ Got a bad bitch, kim kardasheon/ I beat dat pussy up, Savon/ She got dat mvp, Lynn Swann/ Like nas muthafucker I’m da damn Don/ No marvin gaye yo bitch wanna get it on/ Lookin like miss America, Dennison/ I bend her over den screw her like a fuckin con/ The only break I get from getting money is da break of dawn/ In dis game I’m a king you a fuckin pawn/ Smoking blunts like going going, gone/ Killin all you clown, like spawn/ Take you out like trash put you on your front lawn/ Dis Dude Soldier Bitch I stay army strong/ I’m about cream, like Raekwon/ Bitch I’m so paid, like Akon/ No auto tune this ain’t a sing-along/ Throwing reefer parties everyday so bring a bong/ My homie K Quality always brings da bomb/ Smoking till our eyes low like we from Vietnam/ Rappin till I leave a legacy, like Tron/

I flow like a river, amazon/ Any beat I go beast, pokemon/ Climbin up to the top, King Kong/ My name rings bells, Ding Dong/ I flow like a river, amazon/ Any beat I go beast, pokemon/ Climbin up to the top, King Kong/ My name rings bells, Ding Dong/

Knock knock open up da door an face da chrome/ Give me your money or you’ll get a bullet to ur dome/ Once I leave you home you better not call the cops/ Cuz I will come back an leave your whole body shot/ I don’t need swag bitch I got swag automatic/ If my mind is a weapon den prepare for havoc/ I got gidgets and gadgets, a whole room full of tools/ A gun so big it’ll make a blood sing da blues/ I beat da beat up like rocky Marciano/ Going for gold like I’m in search of El Derado

Freestyle writing No Beat

My life’s dull like vegetate/ Behind these eyes my tears hold a lotta weight/ Through my raps I let it out like ventilate/ I wanna be famous but it’s a wild goose chase/ People look at me like I rap second rate/ Like everything I say is bent outta shape/ It’s like I’m speaking some language from somewhere outta space/ (Gibberish……………….) translate fuck those who hate/ I send heat through the track like radiate/ Everything I say’s right like pontificate/ Dude Soldier’s takin over so precipitate/ Just accept it mutha fucker like postulate/ After I fuck a bitch I make her leave evacuate/ An if she don’t wanna leave I’ll just exacerbate/ Exterminate dat bitch den dig a hole excavate/ Put her in da ground make her disappear evaporate/ Fuck wit me I’ll take your arm and dislocate it/ In da bed I beat dat pussy up yeah I dominate it/ All dis money’s for me I’ll never donate it/ I rep dude soldier’s bitch I’ll never disgrace it/ I hate fat chicks dey eat way too much cake/ I don’t mean to be mean no discriminate/ Dey just smell so bad when they defecate/ Stupid fat bitch you need to work off all dat weight/ Everyday I smoke until I feel dehydrated/ I hate bitches wit no tits like dey deflated/ When I was born I had power no one delegated/ I can’twait for the day weed’s deregulated/ I’m getting drunk everynight getting hella faded/ Right now I got some weed and it’s medicated/ If dey had a player college den I graduated

Moments That Last

It’s been you since dat first moment/ Remember me goin in ta kiss your cherry tone lips/ You were shocked first, but den you kissed back/ Damn girl I never thought I’d fall this bad/ I even went as far ta go an meet ur fucking dad/ I must say he’s rad but for me to fall in love is sad/ Baby girl don’t be madd cuz now my heart is stuck on you/ Yeah I swear to tell the truth so believe me ur beautiful/ So elegant and sweet/ Just like a candy piece/ Everytime I see you my heart skips a beat/ You a beauty girl an I’m a beast/ You keep my heart running girl like a track meet/ In da back seat of my great uncles car/ Girl give me head like you a fucking porno star/ Babe you so great an amazin like a shootin star/ You can go around the world twice if looks could go far/ No par girl you perfect like a hole in one/ Like t-pain baby girl you really got me sprung/ To match ur perfection a million songs must be sung/ If god made you den it was a job well done/ Praise the lord for basking me wit all her fuckin beauty/ I love everything about her especially her booty/ She hits me up to have sex call dat call of duty/ An when we go to the mall we both ball like rudy/


The State of my life is in a stalemate/ At the stake of dying just to a heartache/ I can no longer stimulate, nothing excites me/ Tryna text my girl but my girl won’t write me/ This ain’t right b, she just might be/ Likely to fight me, beat me an bite me/ Strike me down like a volleyball spike me/ She messes wit my psyche, all my personal thoughts/ She calls me ugly sometimes and hurts my feelings a lot/ An although she’s hot, she’s got a real cold side/ She likes to make me feel weak but I got a real bold side/ The devil’s a chick not a nasty mean old guy/ She was the apple to my eye now she’s just a pigsty/ A filthy mess that wreaked and put my heart to rest/ She was the best till I heard that she cheated, no test/ Now I’m sitting here angry crying myself to sleep/ All over some chick and what she done to me/ How can this be, sometimes I think it’s a lie/ But she already left me she’s no longer by my side/

“Hard For The Money”

If Money is a sickness den my bank accounts ill/ Everyday people kill jus to get a dollar bill/ Money makes da world go round like a fuckin wind mill/ Slutty girls marry seniors jus to get into their will/ Man this world better chill, an stop bitchin bout paper/ See me I’m bout bread like a mutha fuckin baker/ Mymymy money stand tall like a god damn laker/ Hit up Ludacris’s girl make her shake her money maker/ No Chaser mutha fucker I’mma drink dat vodka straight/ All da liquor I done drank it could fill a fuckin lake/ Hold up wait I’m too drunk I done drew a fuckin blank/ Back to talking bout money like I’m working in a bank/ Smoking on dat purple stank, throwin money in the air/ If you walk into my house they’ll be money everywhere/ To dis much money shit it must be unfair/ My moneys outside of dis world in a different atmosphere/

No Pain

Verse 1 I’m on a cloud takin da trip of my life/ Smokin on some fuckin loud everynight I take flight/ Burnin on some foreign, afgan kush dats wrapped up in a blunt while getting head like a turban/ Thanks to maryjane I don’t feel no pain/ My brain is like an unstoppable train running over lames, on my way to fame, I don’t play no games/ You can say wat chu say But I won’t stop till I’m Mike Will MADE/ Uhhh.. I Want a house in da sky/ I’m gonna burn till I fly/ Smokin weed till I die/ I’m too high , 2 Chainz, No Lie/ (Hook) I won’t stop till I make my momma proud/ Like no breaks nothings slowing me down/ I’m too high I’m nowhere to be found/ Just Look Up I’ll Be Sittin On A Cloud/


Verse 2 Writin love lines on cloud nine/ To me Maryjane you are so sweet an kind/ Everything you do just seems so divine/ Good thing it doesn’t hurt me when I hit you all the time/ Twistin up like a knot in a rope/ I smoke an toke till I hover like float/ Maryjane tastes sweeter when it’s laced wit coke/ So everywhere I go you know my girl dope/ Yeahhhh!! I got some smoke in my lungs/ Beantown bitch dats where da best weeds from/ If you didn’t know den you must be dumb/ Homie you can be da shit as long as I’m number one/ (Hook) I won’t stop till I make my momma proud/ Like no breaks nothings slowing me down/ I’m too high I’m nowhere to be found/ Just Look Up I’ll Be Sittin On A Cloud/


“Clique” My team’s elite man how could you compete/ I’mma beast on any beat/ Either hate it or agree/ Find me in da streets of da bean wit a freak dat’s chinese/ Breast size double deez, rollin up my weed/ After burning she tells me she’s hungry/ So she pulls down my pants an says I want u to fuck me/ I tell her hop on an jus try ta get comfy/ When I stick it in it’s like I’m in two countries/ YEAH!!! In Dat pussy I go Godzilla twatfilla box killa I’mma cock drill her bust a couple shots in her kill dat pussy like Attila I’m at da top of da pilla cuz my clique is so much iller!!!/ An Ain’t nobody realer/ Surrounded by green, Doc Rivers/ Beantown bitch who fuckin wit us/ No one bitch dats why you fear us/ Haters listen up we know you hear us/ Don’t be mad we run da game cheer up/ Aint nothing you can do so bear wit us/ Boston Bitch true fire flame spitters!!

"Till’ My Enemies Crumble"

Till’ My Enemies Crumble

Till my enemies crumble/ I’mma stack these bundles/ No time to be humble when your livin in a fuckin jungle/ Those who mumble to the cops will get beat up like a rumble/ I’ll shoot you in front of ur uncle/ Drop you down like a fumble/ So stay outta trouble or you’ll tumble in ta ur own blood puddle/ Keep your mouth muzzled or I will buss deez bullets like shuttle/ Have you guzzle these shots/ I still hustle trees a lot/ To all my haters suck a cock/ Like you on tommy lee’s yacht/ What’s the reason for all this hate in da first place/ All you haters should fuckin die in da worst way/ I’m a shark in da water, you a sting ray/ Smoking on some Asian weed I call it funk sway/ If you a ugly bitch you get blocked, barricade/ Lemon kush, lemon rello, lemonade/ You ain’t leaving here wit shit you getting pepper sprayed/ I’m leavin here wit two bitches, double play/ No names no games we go to my house/ Like a bird in the winter she going south/ Like a baby kangaroo I hop in her pouch/ Okay, next day, time to kick her out/ Dats what I’m all about an I’ll never change/ All you haters hate cuz you can’t do the same thang/ I’mma smoke maryjane till my brain goes insane/ Don’t complain if your girl ever calls u my name/ I’mma big boy, u a kid in a nursery/ Only money you ever had was in monopoly/ Any track I get on boyy I hurt da beat/ Damn my weed’s so strong like Hercules/ To all my enemies I hope you crumble like a cookie/ Get blown away like a nose full of boogies/ Kill you den go an kill ur mutha fuckin bookie/ You thought you’d get away wit callin me a rookie/ U can never match my dialect/ I’mma be da fuckin king soon so show respect/ If you go to talk about me you better hold ur breath/ Or I’ll put a mutha fucking hole right into ur chest


My tempers flared like blast-off/ Da games been broke so I'mma take it's cast off/ I work my ass off, an i put in overtime/ Stayin on my grind,day and night, I try perfecting all my lines/ Plus i'm stressin deep inside/ I'm a wreck inside my mind/ Hidden behind useless lies/ My heart aches and poorly cries/ Wit every rhyme i pour my pride/ Still all you people like to try, to break me down but i was born to stride/ I will survive an surely rise, Since i was five i had this dream/ That I was born an destained to be, A celebrity or somebody dat people look forward to see/ In reality I'm Just a teen,I got no green,I just smoke trees, Cuz my self-esteem is killin me/ I feel so weak an down an beat/ so i get down on my knees/ to beg the lord please,Help me deal with this misery/ Rap is all that matters to me/ Crap is all that these rappers release