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New Single and B-Side

My latest release is streaming live now. Suburban Whiskey MM63

Releasing a new Single

I'll soon be releasing the single 'Saw You In My Dreams' to be distrubuted digitally worldwide. To kickoff the campaign, proceeds from the downloads for the first 30 days will be donated to my childhood friend Kim Huda-Santana. Kim is suffering from cancer and has a beautiful new baby girl in her life. Being that the song 'Saw You In My Dreams' is about the relationship between child & parent, I felt this is a fitting gesture considering the circumstances. My motto has always been "If you're not helping people, you're hurting them" I'll do all I can to help those in need. Be on the lookout for details and links to where the single will be available for download. I'd be honored to be on your playlist! -GT

Climbing The Charts

It seems much emphasis is placed on where we artists "rank" on these charts. Some spend money to buy "plays" or "likes" in order to advance their chart position and some simply use this site to house music so interested parties have a place to go to find out about the artist for booking opportunities. I'm more into the latter. In fact, I was solicited via my inbox (as so many others are) about sending in $25 for 1,000 plays. I'm told that would boost my ranking. I was - at that moment - sitting at #10 in this category. I refused the offer and was immediately ranked #33. Seems someone was hoping to teach me a lesson. I'm not much for buying the hype, but maybe I should be.

Rock-non-Stop, GT