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We are working on some new tunes for the new year to come. Stay in touch and we will let you know all the goodness.

Two Years After

Getting to play in front of the crowd at Hottrods Nightclub last Thursday was pure joy. So much work has gone into this band. The band members, Alex, Andy and Nate and I have undergone great changes with our time together. From strangers and not knowing how to work together we have all become close friends and have learned how to work together with joy and love. We had such a successful show for our first 3 hour gig that it seemed almost too easy. We still have much to do to improve but it feels like we can move forward with the knowledge that we can bring the love of music we have to those who love to hear it.

Peace and joy to all,


For you, we are thankful

To all of you who like us and have become a fan, thank you.

You make this worth all the hard work and pain.

The 'Grateful' Beat 64

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Here we are....

One more step on the road......or is that the long and winding road.

James 07/19/2011