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Three quickies

Between sips of coffee yesterday morning, three little songs flew past me. I tried to grasp them.

New Repertoire of Covers

This afternoon's two-hour set included no songs I've performed before. Three requests for dear Kate Wolf's "Across the Great D....." to someone's query, "Do you play more Stones' songs?" And so I played more Stones" material.

New song, "I'll Pour," is about vacation!

A lazy vacation on a tropical island and I cannot remember what day it is today. But it doesn't matter.


All these songs are my original copyrighted (c) songs, performed by me; a few were collaborations with others. If others joined in the performances, I mention them.

My Rain Dance song

Hey, there, folks! This impromptu song My Rain Dance/Many, Many Others was an impulse I needed to share. Very rough, and immediate.

Cheers! Pour me a Ninkasi!

Yes, the word is out, according to the Marc-- the Ninkasi will fall, cause Gravity will Prevail! Ninkasi will pour (here could be some long, detailed, boring, confusing, technically-written disclaimer, such as ..their limited sample size, not very many to each person, gotta look sober, yadda yadda). But at least tip the musicians! You stop in for a beer, the musicians play for three hours. 5-8 pm, Friday, at the White Cloud on Main.

Back for Community Access TV29, scheduled soon!

CTV29 will show the Second Friday Art Walk performance on the Arts Journal program soon, and with OutlawYogi and John K on the screen. You can find the broadcast listing in the TV program grid of the newspaper. Watch for it - CTV29's Arts Journal!

You were seen! Art Walk July 8th - Oakridge reps!

Gee, I gotta say, those kids from Oakridge rock on and on! When we build that bridge out to the 'Ridge and my passport and visa are ready, I'm gonna find that place on the atlas map and visit Annie, Mable, Ann and Betty! Brian Earle White rarely visits but I'm glad he did! A tune from Christian/Krisstan (gimme a hint!) was a great opener that pumped us up fast - what a blast! Thanks, Christian! OutlawYogi, let's remember to tighten down those screws every gig.. that worked just fine! You can see the video-shoot on CTV29, no doubt, as Hedda was there - steady and not rockin' - which is what we want. Great vid work, Hedda! Yeah!

Other parts of the world.

Two weeks ago I enjoyed an island visit and performed in the West Indies, at the Calabash Restaurant on the island of Dominica.

A Child in My Loving For Her

This is one of several songs written when someone I knew had a relationship breakup. Fodder for songsters. I shy away from writing love songs - there are plenty right now - but to write them distanced from myself, was easier than I find writing a love song with my life a part of it.