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The Story Behind The ''Human Nature'' and ''Rocky'' Demo Tracks - Wiggles

These two tracks to me mean the world. They could be better .... of course. They are raw and ''uncorrect'' to the common person. To me on the other hand ... they are the perfect masterpiece. There is reasoning to this of course.

When we started recording these tracks, we had one aim and one aim only :

''We need DEMO scratch tracks to show case vocal lines to a new vocalist''.

We started with ''Human Nature''. I was particularly happy with this track during recording because of the bass tone I got. Reminded me sort of a deeper and lower leveled general Timmy Cummerford sound. I used the Ampeg SVX plug-in for both ''Human Nature'' and ''Rocky''. Simulated through an Ampeg SVT4 Pro head and an Ampeg Classic 8X10 cab. BTW ... if you ever use this plug-in while recording bass, the 4x10 cab is a bit more punchier while the 8x10 cab has more low end with the attack.

This was still a test track. Both tracks were recorded in our practice area. I did all the production and recording aspects of the songs. We used a 2009 Apple iMac with Logic Pro 9. We ran a 16 channel mixer through an M-Audio M-Box 2. 6 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MICROPHONES!

We recorded the guitar directly into the M-Box2 with a Sure SM-57 Microphone. Casey dialed in his tone via his pedal board and Peavey Valve king head.

The drums used all 6 mics run through the mixer and then leveled through headphones. We tracked them on two tracks. Basically we set the levels before we even recorded the drums because the mixer happened to be a live sound mixer. You work with what you have. I think we didn't do bad for a home garage based recording with 6 different mics and a live pa mixing board.

You will notice the change in snare sound via before the breakdown in ''Human Nature'' and after. We stopped the first track there and swapped mic positions for the bass drum and snare. There is a cool hi hat section there and Dallon wanted to bring that out in the song. Needless to say .. mission successful. I did some pre mixing EQ work to try and bring the snares closer to the same sound.

With all the level changing via the sound board, that is why I consider this a test track. After ''Human Nature'' ... we were ready to take on ''Rocky''.

We tackled ''Rocky'' the same way with the drums. 2 Tracks but this time no split or change in Mics. One solid drum mix. Pre mixed with EQ to bring the cymbals out a good bit. Same with the bass drum.

Casey repeated for ''Rocky'' the same method as ''Human Nature''. One guitar track for each section of the song.

The bass was a more modified version of the bass tone in ''Human Nature''. I made it a bit more bassy to come out in the mix during the Chorus section of the song. Gave it a more profound build up.

I believe ''Rocky'' is by far the better done of the two tracks from an engineer stand point. Like I said, I consider these a masterpiece and a valuable part of Angel Verah history. When we put out some of our new material you will see how big of a difference there is. I believe you will hear just how creative and unique Angel Verah really is as a band.

If you have any questions about how we recorded, and it is not covered in this blog, then hit me up. I would be glad to share some general knowledge and converse music with you.

- Antony ''Wiggles'' Gallagher (Bass)