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Keith Whitley's name lives on!


Update....Studio Bound!

Heya Peeps.....hope you are all having an awesome day! I'm sooooo ready for tomorrow...Headed back to the studio after 3 weeks. I've had a sinus infection and am just getting over it so it's really perfect timing...BUT, I've been having wit...hdrawls!! :) I'm doing bgv's on 4 that are done except that and then I have 7 more tracks done that I will be doing lead vocals on! So much fun! Thank you all for supporting me and my music! It is such a great feeling to see you all commenting and sending your friends and family to hear my songs.... You can now purchase the 6 pack on line via my website www.joycollins.co Play them for everyone you can! I'll keep working on bringing you new material and y'all keep spreadin' the word and together we'll move this thing right along! If you are on twitter...follow me and retweet @joycollinsmusic and anyone is welcome to join the group here on fb 'Joy Collins 'It Ain't Just Music' Enjoy the day and be good to each other! With Love In Music, Joy Collins www.joycollins.co (Don't forget to join the mailing list)!! and for those of you with facebook.... just go to www.facebook.com/joycollinscountrymusic and click the like button! Thanks!! :)

WE are a TEAM! Must read all artists/fans/friends Who'd I miss? Just read It!

I have to say....this video truly says what I have tried to explain to friends and family for YEARS when I was full-time promoting artists/songwriters/musicians and running songwriter nights in Nashville Tennessee.... and now, I've found myself, as an artist, in total shock at the way that 'fans', the majority -there most definately are a few that see this big picture- don't understand how much their opinions and the expression of those opinions and actions effect the career's of the artists they respect and admire, especially when it comes to the longevity and reachability on the musical ladder of success! It's real and it's happening and really belittling the artisitic/creative/unique side of music- which, in my opinion, is what is the most valuble and irreplaceble part of the puzzle. No matter what the Music business SAYS and Directs.....the fans truly have the big voice! But, thinking it, doesn't make things happen, you have to be a part of it and contribute- be a part of the team! Anyway, enough of my rant.....It truly is a great video and worth the time of every fan and every artist/musician/band out there! Thanks Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) for expressing total truth and thanks SXSW for putting it out there and thank you Music Business Registry for being the bearer of undeniable facts! With Love In Music, Joy Collins www.joycollins.co http://bcove.me/eb2wydv1

Wanted!! yes YOU and your Friends and Family!!

Hey Peeps! Hope you are doing awesome on this beautifully rainy day (at least here in Nashville). I need to ask all of you to do a couple of things Please. It's true that no man can stand alone...right? so, I'm asking you to help me reach out to all of your friends and family too! Please send them all to my website www.joycollins.co and have them click 'like' on the fb fan page line (it's on the main website) and sign up on the mailing list! There's also lots of music and some videos to see on there. AND a guest book...so if you have any suggestions or want to help with the street team formation and attack......let's do this peeps! I love you all and so appreciate your continued support and dedication in my musical journey. If you're on twitter I'm @joycollinsmusic ....just RT my music and TOGETHER WE WILL spread the word and get heard! So, with all that being said....1, 2, 3....Go! With Love In Music, Joy Collins www.facebook.com/joycollinscountrymusic

Radio Promotion and Hurry up and Wait!

Things happen so slow in the music business it seems until....well, all of the sudden you have to juggle 5000 things at once. It truly is a hurry up and wait game! So exciting, yet frustrating! Yesterday, I met with one of the top Country Radio Promoters, Mr. Jerry Duncan (he's an awesome person and has had a ton of success- google him! :) and he is so pumped about releasing my first single in June. We keep going back and forth about which song to release. It's come down to 2. Anyway, Thanks to ALL OF YOU, I am #49 on the Reverbnation Country Chart for Nashville Tennessee. That's a feat y'all! I really appreciate each of you and need you to continue sharing on twitter, facebook, email, and word of mouth! For those of you that haven't, go click 'like' on my fb fan page www.facebook.com/joycollinscountrymusic and follow me on twitter @joycollinsmusic. Also, the mailing is is on my main website www.joycollins.co. Thanks again peeps and keep on keepin' on! You all are the very BEST friends, family, and fans EVER! With Love In Music, Joy Collins

Performance Coaching UGGGH!

Well, I dreaded it but ended up....I really needed it and got so much out of it. Since I quit drinking (entered sobriety) I have been so scared to get up on a stage and sing in front of people....I don't have the 'veil' to hide behind ya know? BUT, this week, I had my first session with an awesome performance coach here in Nashville Tn Diane Kimbrough. You should look her up! She's awesome and so great at what she does....she really helped me understand why I have these issues and how easy it is to defeat them! This whole musical journey truly is just like a big puzzle and I'm so blessed to be on it and so grateful and thankful to have all of you to share it with! I appreciate all of your support! Please continue to share my player daily...we are #51 on the Nashville Tn Country Chart on here and that's not too shabby! Look who is on it! :) For those of you that haven't, please like my fb fan page www.facebook.com/joycollins.co and make sure to follow me on twitter @joycollinsmusic. Here's where you sign up on the mailing list and it's also my main website www.joycollins.co Thanks again y'all! I love you all!! With Love In Music, Joy Collins

17 New Tracks and Counting

So, I've become a fixture in the studio! I LOVE it! It truly is one of my favorite places to be! I love every step of the song process.... thinking of the idea, writing the lyrics and melody, putting down a scratch vocal, pre production and production in the studio for the tracks...but, I believe my favorite piece of the puzzle is the making of the final vocal. I love playing with the melody line and coming up with something so catchy....you can't not finish the song! So, I've got 17 tracks done, 6 songs totally completed (which are currently for sale on my website www.joycollins.co) 4 final lead vocals and the rest just tracks......I can't wait to finish every one and I especially can't wait to share them with you all! Please ck out the new video 'I Do' which was made up of pictures sent in on facebook ( www.facebook.com/joycollinscountrymusic ) by you! and ck out the new 6 pack 'o tunes "It Ain't Just Music' and let me know which is your favorite! They are all such different songs and have such meaning to me personally! Thanks to you all for your continued support and for spreading the words....I'm so thankful, grateful, and appreciative to have you to share my passion with! If you are on twitter @joycollinsmusic Hope you all have a wonderful week and please keep in touch and keep spreading the word to your friends and family by sharing on facebook, retweeting, emailing or word of mouth! Send them to my website www.joycollins.co where you can listen, buy, and watch videos.....New merchandise is coming soon! With Love In Music, Joy Collins www.joycollins.co

Wedding Photos need for the new 'I Do' video. Photos of you!

WE NEED YOUR WEDDING PICS! We are putting together an introduction video for YouTube promoting my new wedding song “ I Do” and I want to include YOU! It’s real simple…just post your wedding picture here on my fan page wall @ www.facebook.com/joycollinscountrymusic and make sure to include both of your names, wedding date and location of the wedding. You can also submit photos of your parents wedding, grandparents or any of your friends and family! Don’t be shy… I want to see all my beautiful friends and fans as brides and grooms! This is going to be soooo much fun! Listen to this full version of “I Do” and please share this post with your friends and encourage them to join us in this project! Thanks again for your support! With Love In Music, Joy Collins www.joycollins.co

6 pack 'o tunes!

Hey peeps. Hope this message finds you awesome! I am so excited to present to you my first 6 studio produced tunes. They are not just music, they tell my journey of divorce, recover and sobriety, self discovery and self acceptance, and remarriage. Please take a moment to listen to the samples on my personal website. www.joycollins.co (click the top music tab on the left) and I would absolutely love you to leave a comment of what you think and what your favorite one of the six is. You can leave those at www.facebook.com/joycollinscountrymusic :) and I truly appreciate each one of you for your contiued support and for spreading the word to your friends and family. With Love In Music, Joy Collins @JoyCollinsMusic

Making my first record

It has been so much fun making this first record! I have taken a lot of time and put together a story with songs of my journey with struggles with addiction, divorce, dating, marriage and kids....it's a story via song of my life over the past several years. I have posted 2 new video's 'I Do' which is a live recording at my vocal coaches home for her website. It will be on the record and 'Thing or Two'...this is a rough mix of the actual song to a video of my studio experience. I'd love all of your opinions and truly appreciate your support! Hope to see you on the road soon! With Love In Music, Joy Collins