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Once upon a time, we went by Poet Fury. While it remains to be a cool idea, we feel the new moniker better encompasses our direction and represents the influence of each band member. It offers us more liberty, not only musically, but emotionally and professionally. Space Mother yields more freedom to evolve in our genre of psychedelic, ambient, metal. We also felt that because so many band members have changed since the start of this project so has our identity. Lastly, the name Poet Fury lends itself to some scrutiny, it is hard to get potential fans and venues to remember it. We have heard some creative interpretations, and have likened the name to 30 Rocks, "The Rural Juror" it's just weird to say. In conclusion, we hope the change is not too upsetting to our die hard fans, After all, you are our friends and hopefully are more attached to us as people than the name itself. We are now Space Mother. Enjoy the Journey.