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Thank You

I had the wonderful opportunity of having a great conversation with Andrew from reverbnation.com Saturday at a fundraiser event in Durham NC.(Reverbnation was a sponsor of this event!) Andrew was able to answer a ton of reverbnation.com related questions and even provided some great insight as to how some of the operations of reverbnation come together. It was a wonderful opportunity. Love reverbnation or hate em, they are a valuble asset to any band or musician. I do want to give thanks to a great site and for providing us with such an awesome tool to use..best of all for free..SO Thank You ReverbNation!

Events !!!

We are always happy to discuss your next show or event. even if you see another show posted for the same day on our schedule, dont despair! We might be able to handle your event with ease as well! Thanks much to all the recent bookings..we look forward to your events comming up!

what a schedule

I actually created confusion upon myself earlier this week. so many shows, so many dates, and so many places to be. I am glad reverbnation show calandar keeps me straight!

Long summer

Several great shows went down this summer so far, experienced some great music, great venues, and great times. Im sure more will come!

thank you much

since my last blog post its reached over 35000!


As I approach total attendance numbers for mobile events with PA Man Raleigh at 30,000 Folks, I am very Greatful. Thank You to All Acts who have used me and my systems! On the same note I will also be celebrating my (Career Total) 5 millionth guest hearing me mix, next month. I wonder who it will be! I am very greatful that I have a great set of ears, an attention to detail and a die hard/work hard attitude to keep the shows going on! thank you to all!

last minute calls.

sometimes those last minute calls are also some of the best that come in...

The Jamhouse

Thanks much to Tony Avery and The Jamhouse of Raleigh www.jamhouserocks.com. Tony has been using PA MAN Raleigh for his needs lately and has been satisfied every time. not to mention I have the toughest critics in the room...other musicians. all of whom have had very positive things to say!


We are now Accepting Bookings for the spring and Summer seasons now! please email for info anytime!

Making things right!

I have always strived for the best on the stage. my photos prove the pro quality installs done for your events! always the right equipment for the job at a great rate!