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this past week was a hell week!

all shows fri sat and sunday went off well with a few small exceptions. friday with insomnia at ecu..everything set up, when the sky decided to fall out about 5 mins before showtime. myself the frat pledges and the band ALL packed up the gear and moved the show inside..obviously the show still went on! thanks much to those boys! saturday was interesting. the place is well set up for bands, rareform was excellent. the venue has several small quirks that should be addressed asap, like its band power accessability and the loading door steps but other than that was a great show. Sunday. boy did i not want to move but still got everything ready to go for dj Skrillex at solas in raleigh. this was the afterparty show. he was MURDEROUS on the system but it still held up well! thanks again all for a great weekend! hope to see you all soon!


all shows this past week looked fabulous and went off without a hitch! Looking forward to some festival shows later this month. check them out at my schedule


This is a big week for me...5 events in 7 days! spending the next 24hrs prepping rigs for several large events..BE SURE TO COME TO CITY LIMITS SALOON SAT...tv taping of "lizard lick towing" on TruTv monday nights!

Added Lighting inventory

So as I said in an earlier blog that im starting to get quuite a few lights. I just got some more led par cans in. bringing my total to a lot! Ill have a lot of them out for the robson spinelli project show on 9/23 at babylon in raleigh

lizard lick mma

HA! im still laughing about this mma ufc cage fight comming up. it has Amy Shirley from lizard lick towing on trutv, fighting another girl. Ive done several events for drew and the boys at the local cage mma fights. this ought to be a good time. come down and check it out..city limits saloon raleigh on 9/24/2011


MAry wilson last night was great. allthough she didnt play more than 15-17 mins total set time. was a tad bit dissappointed about that. she can still hit all the notes and holds! amazing for a woman of her age...we spent the better part of 3 hrs loading in for this show and 2+ on the out. (unusually in/out times based on venue difficulties of moving gear)


SO as Ive booked a few new things as of recent, ive noticed my Lighting Invertory seamed to have mad a major jump in size. I hadnt realize how Large it has gotten over recent months. lighting is not something I have ever had much interest in but I have had several acts ask for additions to their riders/contracts/requests. Ive recently added a major amount of old skool par 56 cans (but nice shiny aluminum chrome) and quite a few new par 56 led cans. the leds dont throw anywhere near the amount of like the old skool ones do, but they dont even come close to hogging the electricity the older ones require too. Im sure ill still use both for a while yet as they are all requested for....

packed up again

I am almost packed up and ready for the Jamhouse 2011 woddstick event at the korner pocket saturday. starts at 7, has a bunch of bands playing hits from the era. should be a good time and been looking forward to it for a bit now! please come down and check all of us out..the bands and myself!


So Im thrilled about the fact that I can provide the sound system for The JamHouse's next show..woodstock era tribute show. sounds like a good time for all..come by say hi and check out what I have to offer if youre interested in meeting.

Jani Lane RIP (rock in peace)

Jani, Thank You for the years of entertainment and music. I had the opportunity to do my very best for you on several occasions..You did the same for us.100% show everytime. even when objects fly(9v battery, milwaukee '97, and drummer broke leg on same tour! duquoin, IL) I am very saddened to see you pass at such a young age. I miss my friend and will always remember the times. working and chilling..jani..you did not let me down...never did. keep rocking on forever......