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wow what a waste.

ive never spoke on the negative side for an artist before but this guy takes the cake. Young Dro. what an unprofessional a$$clown. he is not only inconsiderate, disrespectful, disgusting, cheap, drunk, high, and destructive to property. wont go into details but lets just say ill demand 10x my normal rate if I hear of this joke on my rig again..


if you're considering booking PA MAN Raleigh on a date that's shown as being booked already on our schedule, don't despair. Sometimes we can still work it out. I do many events and sometimes may just have the items available for your event as well!


had a band ask regarding a date that appeard "booked" on my reverb calender. lucky I was able to book their event too. please click on the veiw details if a date you would like is already on the calender. I get many rentals that dont rewuire much gear and I may have that rig you need that same night! Also, if you're considering booking PA MAN Raleigh on a date that's shown as being booked already on our schedule, don't despair. Sometimes we can still work it out


I AM NOT BOOKED FOR NEW YEARS EVE YET!! You can add a whole new WOW factor for your nye party. give your guests a better show!

Holiday season

So as the turkey is gone and leftovers disappeared im not focusing on all the holiday stuff comming up. a lot of lighting events and a few private parties. I always welcome more bookings even on days that already have events working! email for info and we will be happy to accomidate any requests! on a technical note there has been some upgrades to the lighting and sound gear. all of the mrx sub boxes are reloaded now (to 2258hpl vertec woofers) and worked flawlessly. Ive also added some floor LED lighting to make more depth.

one more to go

As festival season draws to a close, I can say it hasnt be a bad one. hopefully next years is bigger and better. I had one that is kindof memorable. its a show that never happened. was even cancelled twice! (it was reschedualed because of rain, then cancelled again for same reason) however becasue of the dates involved, and the leeway offered we still had to demand payment for the cancelled show. I felt bad doing this but hey, i did turn down 3 other jobs for the original date and I turned down another for their reschedualed date! artists and promotors alike always wonder why we like to have signatures on things...all 3 Rally's were a good ones, and of course I cannont forget the mma fights in the parking lots. great gigs. but now its time to focus on the holiday stuff, and into next year!


I was able to rebook nov 5th. thanks for those who asked. Im still available for the 12th and 18th for anyone who is interested or in need! I may be able to work within your budget! please feel free to email for info


I had 2 Cancellations, one for 10/22 and the other for nov 5th. If you were considering either date please email me at once, ill be happy to work with you, yes even with short notice!


Im glad to see the Rally for Ally had such a good turn out. it was such a nice day, most of the band's members and myself all got some sun..Ally said she had a wonderful time and was so excited about the event! im glad she was thrilled. thanks again to all the bands who performed , the riders who rode, and to Ally for hanging on with fighting spirits.

Ally for Rally finalizing

getting the gear ready to go for this saturdays Rally For Ally, featuring some great bands in a smaller festival situation.. it is a a school off nc 231 in zebulon. Bikers welcome!