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Bare with me

I have not got any minutes left so i can't listen to any songs tonight. I will be bk tomorrow to listen to everyone. bare with me. Much love

All music

It is so nice to see others from different music backgrounds appreciate your music. Sometimes they may not understand it all but at least they listened to it. I love all types of music. ( If you see my list you'll see that) I will listen to anything and see if i get a vibe from it or a message. I hope you get my vibe and my message. Much love

Crazy laptop

Please bare with me my laptop is going crazy. I'll be back tomorrow for some great music though!!!

Music gives me energy

I use music in so many different ways it's amazing. Those who spend time with no music are truely missing out. Tonight i am going to make music and i look forward to it so much. I'm also looking forward to listening to more great music on here tomorrow. Until then much love to all.

Before i sleep

I feel like i am getting closer to my dream. The dream of making music. I never thought i would have the guts to persue music because it is such a tough industry. Then with every kind word and comment i see, i want to persue it more. I hope that this is not a dream and if it is i don't want to wake up. I realise that music is very much part of me and i will never let go. I love music. Night.xxxx


I love music so much. I don't think i would be able to express my true self if there was no music. I'm alive when i hear music!


I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has listened to my songs. I appreciate all the comments and kind words. I am going to put some new songs up soon so stay tuned. I'll also be writng a little bit more about myself, Emily The Great (pretentious i know but all in good fun) Thanks again. Much love