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I'm about to go away

Going to get some sun and sand and sea. Don't forget me coz i will be back soon. Much love

Still trying to keep on top of it

Much love to everyone for being patient.

Just to let you know

They shut down my page last night and now i am at number 2. I know reverbnation has got it wrong and i am so angry words can not express how i feel!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping on top of it

Just trying to play the new tracks coming through. I'll be back to play my long time friends real soon. M.L means MUCH LOVE and M.L.F.L means MUCH LOVE FROM LONDON. Back soon

Still counting my blessings

I'm still very thankful for all the support. I will continue to count my blessings and give the love and support back. Thanks. Much love

Hard work

Really enjoy listening to music but keeping up with this is hardwork. Thanks for all the support. Means alot. Much love


Thanks for liking my music people. I'm going to the studio now. Will be bk later today. Much love


Just saw i'm at 101. Thanks for the support and the love. I will answer all the messages. I promise. Much love.


So busy right now it's crazy. I am trying to keep up with this but it's so hard right now. Please bare with me while i'm doing my thing. Much love


It's so nice to see that people are liking my music. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I'm in the studio today but i'll be bk tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!