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Practice, practice Practice

We have been practicing. We actually played in Batesville back in August. I thought we did good, but Darrell thought we could have done better. Typical perfectionist. So, this time we are playing outdoors and doing a benefit at a park. The benefit is for a child who is having open heart surgery. We hope to rock the park and raise some money. We will be attracting attention with stuff like voodoo chile. I'm really excited to play this benefit but also scared because my EX and his family have had a bad case of strep throat, and my voice is getting scratchy. But it feels good to be actually working toward something. To say I have a goal. I'm going to learn this or that and then just do it. As a band we are learning to work together, which is a learned skill believe it or not. We are also learning how to be different than all the other people out there. We are observant. Nobody does Zeppelin and especially not the rover. Now I suppose people do misty mountain hop sometimes. Glad I'm not singing that one this trip. But we will next time. Well that's all for now. I'll try to write more about what the band is up to. We are offficially a toddler band I think. You know once you have a couple gigs under your belt, you're a toddler band.

It's a... BAND!!

The Horrible Thing is a brand new baby Blues Band. We're just a few rock 'n Rollers who also love playing the blues. We want to play on Biel someday. We recently played at a church, and that was an interesting experience where we learned to overcome technical difficulties. We are taking a break from being too active during the summer, because it's so hot outside. We are working on some demos which will be available soon. That's all for this time. Till Next tim, Peace.

It's a... band!!

A brand new baby band. The Horrible thing has arrived on the scene. We're a blues band with rock overtones. Everything we do is pretty much in your face without being offensive. At least we hope it's not offensive. Right now, during the heat of the summer we are not practicing too much, using this time to make some demos which we will post here soon. We recently played at our church, and it was an interesting experience. We sounded great but we had a few technical difficulties like getting smoked out by the grills. Just the hazards of the job I guess.. Darrell is gearing up to record some stuff with his other brain child... Pure. Black. Sexxx. coming to local radio stations soon. So that's all for now. Til next time... peace!!