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New Big Things

As I start off the new year of 2012 I would like to announce some big new things. First I would like to introduce a new addition to my project. His name is Nate Thomas. He is the drummer. We have been friends all of our lives but we just decided to work together towards great music. Other big things. Look for an EP coming very soon. We will be hitting the studio in late January- early February. Look for us at local concerts as well as some music festivals. We may just show up anywhere. We are looking for full time touring across the state in the summer. If you want to book us or go on tour with us, contact us at zacpruettbooking@gmail.com.

Thanks Guys God Bless Zac and Nate

Looking for management

I am currently sitting in my basement at 11:30 at night and thinking about management. Its my dream to be a rockstar. Im trying to make it big. Please if anyone can help me, please doooooo!!

Thank You Zac