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The blue sky

´┐╝Brilliant is the blue that stretches so wide , so vast and beautiful like the ocean tide. The clouds add more beauty with their magic like designs, Spinning the imagination of the onlookers mind. By C.S Elyard

Music Box Dreams

I wind the stem and she dances with him beneath a falling snow , A boy and a girl in a perfect world as he spins her to and fro . Then I close my eyes and to my surprise I see my sweet Prince and I , Dancing together and holding tight beneath A starlit sky . Oh how we danced ,,,The two of us there ,,,with love in our hearts ,,, like floating on air. A fairy tale scene,, What a magical dream ,, A soft melody ,,A sweet prince and me . By C.S Elyard (C) Dec, 2013

Life without Love

Life without Love would be like a song without a voice or a rose with no petals ,, Completely void of that which gives it beauty

What singing is to me ...

Is their something in your very soul that Makes you feel as if you could fly if you just raised your arms and leaned forward in the wind ? This is the way singing makes me feel and the audience before me turns the fear I might have felt into a soft touch of wind to help lift me into the magical Place of Fulfillment ! Yeah that's pretty close ,,,, lol ,,, Suzanna Kay Always ,,,,

Not one single face

I've been sent to live in this very strange place, I don't recognise anyone not one single face. But everyone here seems to know me by name, One even mentioned that my daughter had came. There's another woman in the room with me, A young lady introduced her said this is aunt Bea. She showed me a closet said this one's for you , Your clothes are on hangers and in the bottom is your shoes . The dresser was left by the resident before , you two can share it you get the last two drawers. As I tried to remember everything that she said , Everything became jumbled and lost in my head. I asked her please could I lay down for a while , She turned and said sure then left with a smile. As I lay here in strangeness I feel the urge to cry, I told myself no ,you promised you would try. So I turned to the window and stared outside , While I listened to the sounds of where I now reside. Yes I've been sent here to this very strange place , I don't recognise anyone ,Not one single face. By:C.S. Elyard Jan 13-2014


H.D. The Human Volcano about 16 hours ago The music fits your voice perfectly, its amazing, I checked out Outrun the past, great country feeling coming through my speakers. I even listened to it twice very nice song stay on the throttle. This song really expresses how I strongly feel about letting go of bad things in the past. I focus on learning from yesterday, living the fullest of today & plan for tomorrow.

Suzanna Kay
Suzanna Kay  (about 4 years ago)

Thank you for listening and your comment hs lifted my spirits ,, you are awesome and I am Blessed in your franship !!


Dennis Willard

4:51pm May 22

Hey Suzy its tish I need you to please send me another copy of your tracks without your voice I have misplaced mine at churh somwhere anyway my address is 17112 E. 5 th street N. Indep. Mo 64056 please send it before July cause the CGMA convention is in July and im up for an award your songs have helped me get there also there is a Nashville chapter I am working on a contact for u I love you and thank you God bless and hurry on mailing me that track CD ok lol please!!!

The writers theme

Though the ink may flow from the bottom of a pen the thoughts upon the paper come from deep within . so take your heart mind and soul ,put them all together and let the ballpoint roll ! Suzanna Kay !

the th0ught pr0v0ker
the th0ught pr0v0ker  (almost 6 years ago)

nice lyrics Suzanna n LOVE n LIGHT