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Recording Update #6

Success! We have finished recording the first song we usually play at shows: Necropolis! We're currently mastering it, and we will release it as the first single of the album to show the progress we've made both as artists and in the recording process. We will most likely release it for free as a gift to our fans for being so patient in waiting!

Recording Update #5

After a small amount of deliberation, we've decided two things in our recording process: that we will be writing at least 4 new songs to make this a full length album rather than an EP, and that we will rerecord both drums and guitar using a new technique in relation to mic-ing. So, it will take a while longer unfortunately, but it will be worth it.

Recording Update #4

Today we're recording guitars. On first recording, it sounded very muddy. To combat that and the scientific method in one fell swoop, we changed many different things, one of which included building a pillow fort around the amp. Fortunately, this resulted in a better sound, though for the re-creation of this sound we'll probably have a hard time. Anyway, we're in the midst of the first song right now, so in the next week or so they should be done. Then on to bass!

Recording Update #3

Well, we've been having some technical difficulties with our recording for the past while now. Unfortunately, this means our demo will most likely take far longer than expected.

Recording Update #2

We're now restarting our recording all over again, wanting to do this as a self-produced album, starting with the drum tracks yet again. Erik is doing it all by himself, and it's going well, so next up will be guitar and we'll be back on track just as we were before. This EP is going to be pretty kickass, and hopefully it'll be done soon.

Recording Update #1

So far, we've gotten all of the drum tracks down. Next up we'll be doing guitar and bass tracks, and then we're in for the long haul of vocal tracks... fun! We'll keep you updated on more happenings with our recording, and when the finished product is out, we'll release it!

Quarantine is complete!

This is a little bit of old news, but we recently finished Quarantine. After a lot of tweaking, it sounds awesome, and we're glad to say it will be on our setlist for our next shows! Before long, we'll play another show, and you'll be able to hear it, but for now, we'll continue to teach both you and ourselves just what a virtue patience is...

Thunderstorm is complete!

After far too long, Demonous' newest song Thunderstorm is ready to be released. Expect to hear it at our next shows, and on our next release.