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The Saga never Ends

So i am going to continue writing the story i started years ago. of course, it will be told through song in a concept album titled: MALISSA, WRONG TICKET OR WRONG TRAIN?

The Chapters/Songs are as followed: 1. Exhuming The Character 2. I Must Stop Sleeping (Around) 4. Memories of Trying to Forget 3. The Stitches: An Extraordinary Story 5. Perfect In Her Hands 6. Pornographic Material

7. Sweet Gifts 8. The Letters You Didn’t Bother Reading 9. How Lucky Are You Now, Sweetheart? 10. Pillow 11. Instruction Manual On How To Breathe 12. 9 Sec. Away From Completely Snapping Out On Every Body In This Room 13. Believe The Lie (The Truth Will Hurt So Much More)

It's also gonna be part of the saga i am creating around the character Kristiaan Malisse. Another part of the series will be:


Chapters/Songs are:

1. Scene Three 2. The First Church of Brothel 3. Fit For A Child 4. A Wonderful Way To Wear Wicked So Well 5. Sincerely, A Friend and Enemy 6. Missed Ache 7. Remembering....Again 8. A Su Dem: The Scene That Should Have Been Cut 9. We Must Behead The Serpent 10. The Altar Will Crumble Before Me

The Series will be titled "Smeared Masterpiece"

....Stay tuned.

When Is It All Gonna End?

The recording of this album that is. I just bought a house so alot of my time has been going into it. Which took away from me finishing my album.

last night i recorded vocals for my live show intro, available for free download. it plays into the beginning of the album "on myself" so the listener gets a bonus track for free for the beginning instead of the end.

i started writing lyrics already for a follow up album. goin slow at it though. i recorded a verse on Deally Dunn's upcoming album and have been talking with collabing with Young Bravo. Gonna try and record an acoustic album with Kristin Vasselo. I believe our vocals will go great together. She has introduced me to a lot of new artists to indulge in.

Playing my first Headlining show as Overdost this Saturday, i handpicked the other artists myself that are on the bill. It's gonna be a good goddamn night.

I am in the process of answering questions for Lulu Sound magazine. The fisrt one took awhile because of the question: "Where are you originally from? What made you what you are today? (pertaining to music i assume). I'll keep you all updated.

Life is busy. Life is amazing. Chase your dreams down, cause we all know that they're not just gonna sit and wait around till your ready to make them come true.

One stone at a time can pave a long road

so i decided that when my album is released, i will do a limited number of a physical copies with art and lyrics. i will do most of them as drop cards with information to my sites for updates, new music and lyrics. i promised that whoever likes my overdost facebook page would receive it free. i just started a soundcloud page, once it is released, i will have every song for free download for 3 days. then will change it back to streaming. as for now, you can listen to what i have accomplished here: soundcloud.com/overdost reverbnation.com/overdost facebook.com/overdost thank you for following

Picking up junk

Album Close to being complete.

4 songs need music recorded and and a few handfuls new vocals.

The order the songs are in on the song list is the order of the album. the songs will play right into each. no gaps. there are afew that are not here yet because there aren't even instrumentals yet.

Stop by and enjoy.


When the puzzle pieces fit

So the album is coming along great.got some great feedback at the Hideout last week. though you never wanna be compared to anyone as an artist, it happens. we all have our own uniqueness (well some of us). no one wants to hear, you sound like this, or you sound like that. but when they tell you that you remind them of their detroit days when Eminem was coming out, that's really not a bad thing. yea, i'm white and i sound angry (i'm not, just grew up listening to angry music and it has a lot of emotionin it), but really i don't sound like him. But i'll take it.

passed out a lot of cd samplers. hopefully this will all pay off.

22 outta 26 tracks have been recorded. alot of them with vocals now also. the other 4, music and lyrics are there. just gotta find the time.

i am very excited about this album "Overdost on Myself". it is the most unique album i have ever done. i have put a lot of time and effort into making something that themusic lover will love. now i just gotta keep promoting.

Stand up Pittsburgh/PA/USA. I'm Here. and there's still so much more that i must do. Get at me.

on myself update

almost all the music has been recorded. a few songs stilll need put down. vocals for the innerlewds have been recorded. still need production.

on myself

so i am in the process of creating my first real album. i have made 5 albums in the past. just throwing songs together. about 80 songs total.

i have atotal of 21 tracks lined up for this album. one i have included here for download, "Promises of Honest Mistakes"

as i finish up more i will release them. i do all production on them so sometimes it takes a little bit of time to finish. i have some instrumentals i am working on as well.

this album is gonna be a nice mix of all that i love to create. from hip hop to electronic, alternative and indie rock along with a bit of industrial: hence the title on myself. i have overdost on myself.

i hope you enjoy and please gimme any feedback that you can on what you think about it.

thank you, enjoy.