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Well another year has come and gone, you have set goals for yourself and it’s the 27 of January. The question is are you still holding fast to them? You CAN NOT have a Repeat of 2016. You can’t go through the same things again, to repeat it would be Insanity. You need to get out of Neutral! Stuck, can’t move forward and not trying to move backwards WHATS REALLY GOING ON? I want to simply ask you were any of your goals towards GOD and your Christian walk? Did you purpose in your mind to be a better Christian or even to Pray more, if you did that’s good but if you noticed I only said purpose in your mind, it needs to go further than that it needs to be in your heart. We can’t serve the Lord with our Intellect but rather with our heart. Turn off the tv, get off the phone the Lord is calling you. Will you Answer or just give him more empty promises, which you and the Lord knows you wont fulfill. Hell is full of people with promises and good intentions. Take baby steps if necessary but Do something…life is passing you by if you are stuck in Neutral.

Really .... 01-23-2016

When did sin become a matter of opinion verses what the Creator of the Universe has stated or mandated.  We can see the wickedness of enemy be played throughout the Christian community and the world. The stage is set and if you don’t agree with them then you are not fair and considered extreme or fanatical and obsolete in your thinking. I wonder will they tell it to GOD when they stand before him on Judgment Day. Let me also clarify something, being homosexual is not Natural. What’s wrong with our people (Christians) are you serious. I have never read in the Bible, if you do it and like it, its ok to keep doing although GOD said you cant, he will just change HIS word for you. Because this is what people want, forget what the Word says and do what you feel and he will just have to understand…….LIES!!  After all GOD is Love and he surely wont hold this against me. The Bible is just a guide or book of stories and I don’t have to follow it word for word anyway…… is what they say and think. Let me Help you out GOD does not send people to Hell they send their own selves… through their disobedience. Romans 6:23, For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of Godis eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Shame to any leader who allows the pressure of being liked to change his confession of the Word of GOD and to those are preaching a watered down word, that anything goes, I pray the Lord deals with you mind and heart now. Can you not see the sign of the times and manipulation of the mindset of the people? Do you not hear the trumpet blast.. what’s the matter Zion, Repent and Return to your 1stLove. But think it not strange for the great falling away shall happen, those shall be lovers of their own selves and shall wax worse (2 Tim3:1-5) . But to be honest it does shock you when it comes from within the house of GOD and it seems that the supposedly children of the Lord are worse than the world. That those that have been esteemed higher are the biggest offenders (making GOD look week)…….woe to you and your Spirit, it will be judged by the same Word you try and change to make fit your lifestyle because of your own lust… remember hell is enlarging her mouth to accommodate all that will come.

Father is waiting - 11-09-13

Father is waiting Father is waiting to hear your voice, laugh & your cry, Father is waiting to wipe away every tear from your eye. Father is waiting to meet you at that place where you two first met. Where you were willing to surrender all and follow him without regret, he said he would never forget the Joy he felt on that day, you gave him your hand and your heart and vowed you would never go away. But turmoil came and the winds begin to blow and you slowly faded away.. As the test and trials came your grip loosened and the hearts vow now rest only on your lips. Come back Father Shouts, come back I love you so….. I will forgive and wipe the pain & tears away if you give me your heart & hand once again. I am waiting…… Yes I am waiting……..waiting just for you.

morning Prayer 7-21-13 (short)

Father in the name of Jesus we come to you Lord this morning with thanks giving in our hearts and we thank you for allowing us to live another day. We submit to your authority and power and we say have you way in us and our lives! Lord we walk in your Power alone and we tear down every demonic system demonic portal, demonic kingdom and demonic plan. We Stand and advance the kingdom of your Only begotten son. We destroy demonic altars, points of contact, communication in the mountains and abroad, we shut the mouth of the devil and place a heavenly gag order on him. We Bind all ungodly spiritual attacks against our minds, hearts and emotions. We give the Holy Ghost unrestricted access to our minds, that he may lead and guide us in all manner of truths and lighting our paths. Open our eyes that we may see Lord, that through you all things are possible, and we say thank you now in the King of Kings might name amen!

do you need help?

Is your life in shambles & turmoil? Do you know which way to go, are you having trouble keeping you head above water? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I would like to offer to you, the only thing that can help you and change your life around and that is CHRIST! He is all that you need! How can he help you ask, besides the fact that he loved you enough to lay down his life. Jesus will come in and clean you up, give you direction and purpose for your life, make all the crocked places straight in your life, change your way of thinking and the most important thing he will live on the inside of you. Bringing you joy and peace in the midst of anything you are facing, oh taste and see that the Lord he is good. Call on him and he will answer, all he simply asks is that you love him back, how hard or how much is that. Nothing compared to what he has done for you, take the offer of Christ and you will never be the same again.

Represent Him Right

Do we really care about each other in the church? What will we say when we stand before the judgment seat of Christ, when the Savior looks at us with eyes of fire and ask did you represent me on earth in the right light. How shall we escape our actions what shall we say then. We must remember that as Christians we represent Christ at all times, people are watching us, what we do, what we say, how we react. Mathew 5:16 (KJV) says it like this, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Who’s seeing your good works (also attitude). Question with your current attitude does anybody want the Christ you serve. Is your attitude to stank, your Faith to small, your hopes and dreams too dead, your identity too unrecognizable , has disappointment become your new promise, can you see beyond you, is your joy too empty? Remember we are the only Bible some people will ever read, make sure you represent him right!

Just believe

We read the Bible and its full of all these promises from GOD our Father, but some of us find it hard to believe. Why and how can he do this and even more why me. You must realize we are the apple of his eye and as with any father it is his good pleasure to give his children. Every promise are for us, stop doubting and wondering how and why and just believe. Believing is making up your mind that GOD (His Word) are true and WHATEVER HE SAYS….it is the Truth. Our jobs as the believer and the body of Christ is to stand in full trust in the Lord not wavering our doubting regarding what he has said or promised. Once we have settled it in your hearts and minds our lives will change but you have got to BELIEVE!!

Power of his Love

Today I sat and pondered about the power of his love. I thought and I thought and I could not find a sufficient answer, why because no one really knows. His love is so vast beyond what we can imagine or think and his power limitless to the million degree. The, creator of the universe, who hung the stars in the sky, who blew the breath of life into dirt and it became a living soul, who uses earth as his footstool. Looks down at his creation (man) and decided to die for you and I now that’s powerful.


Lord sometimes I want to shout why me. I am screaming it from the roof top of every mountain in my life. So that things & people can leave me alone. Is there anyone body out there; can anyone hear me? I know one who hears me but sometimes it’s as if he has turned a deaf ear and I am here in outer darkness alone. Shall my cries ascend up to heaven in the Masters ear or shall they fall to the earth below. I want to believe with my heart that he cares, Lord please come and save me now, hear my cry of desperation and hear my hurt…save me, please save me NOW! Then shines a small ray of light that feels my heart, his presence strengthens and assures me, that I am never alone. His love protects me like an impenetrable fortress; I am safe from all harm. He has heard and harkened to my cry and delivered me, the outer darkness is gone. I know now without a doubt I am never alone.

Love Waits 02-22-13

I walked away from my love. There is no other person or thing that can compare to the goodness of the Lord. For the life he laid down for us (willingly) to the blood he shed on Calvary what can compare? What have you put in place of him, denying the love he so desires to give you. You turn your back and go the other way but no matter where you go his love is always there. Stop !! Consider the moment you 1st felt his love and realized what he did for you, then repent for the Master is waiting to receive you! Go and be reconciled to him for his love is waiting, he will in one moment erase all your fears, hurts and pain let him love you again. Don’t push him away no not again allow him to come in and love you again.