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2011 Wrap-Up

The Hits have made huge progress being this was their first year of performing together. They have made their way through Denver Bars and Venues making lasting impressions on everyone that has seen them play! The Hits have been involved in WRKP Radio interviews, writting new music and making thier way into recording studios! The start of 2012 is looking great for these girls, as they are competing in the 3rd Annual, Best of the West Competition, sponsored by WKRP Radio, Westword, Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Coors LIght, 303 Post, and Side 3 Studios. Be sure to follow these ladies around the Denver area for your chance to see the newest upcoming female Rock band, their energy on stage is amazing and will leave you wanting more. These ladies definitely have talent and need to be seen and heard!! So tell your friends and spread the word!