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not dead yet!

Hello, people who read this! I have no idea who you are, and why you do what you do, but keep on doing it and feel free to comment, question, post obnoxious photos of you, etc...

Oh, hey! Blog Post! omg, you look so...have you lost weight?

I forgot I have a blog. I remembered I had a blah though. Then I got in touch with some of my old bandies from Connecticut and they sound sooooo gooood. One of four reminds me, whilst recording Going to California, that he's old and has to carry his balls into the room. I remind him Zep had to carry Jimmy into the room. It was almost like being home.

*sigh* but alas... Austin really is Home now. Still the warmth and OMG sheer talent, professionalism and giftendess (not in a short-bus way) of these four is, to me, beautiful and massive,

@Tom Wheedon sings a very different, and IMO much more compelling, version of Going to California (http://www.reverbnation.com/thefungis). @BrianCamilleri is by far the best bass player I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, never mind working with. Oh he can play it loose. He can play it tight. He can play a lazy blues, but watch those thumbs, y'all. Toot toot beep beep.He's a 5 tool player.

I'm so thrilled they let me play with their work. I hope you enjoy the new song on my site and visit them at http://www.reverbnation.com/thefungis to hear Tom's amazingly bluesiful vocals.

Wow, it's been forEVER! You look GREAT!

Happy, Happy everybody! I recently got 700,000 random ReverbNation fan notifications, which reminded me I'm a musician, so here I am.

I have fingernails on my left hand and dust on my guitar. It's not right. I had a BF for a while with the cutest freakin kid and...even then...it's not right. I did write a ton during that time though.

Lots to write about still. Lots o' blues to sing. Lots of angry words to hiss. Should be fun. Save myself some money and time at the therapist. Tee hee hee.

Speaking of therapy, I can't stand the mix of I Don't Mind that I published. it feels laggy and draggy and saggy and mediocre. So it's coming down. But it shall rise again, like the Phoenix from the flames (or ashes). Or maybe just like a better version. Or like the Phoenix. I dunno. We'll see. I apologize in advance for any flames you may experience. And/or sudden mythical giant birds. And/or a crapass remix. Just all of it, really. I'm sorry for all of it.

I'm so glad you're here. I like having you here. It just feels...nice. I was gonna make a grilled cheese sandwich. You want one?

Meanwhile, I lost my ReverbNation boyfriend from In Fell Traitors. *Sniffle* Always a bridesmaid...

Independent Record Store Day was Friday, in case you didn't know. Christina (owner of the infamous Spider Song truck) and I hobbled down to Waterloo Records where I scored the KGSR 20th Anniversary CD (amazing track listing), a special release Bob Dylan 45, 3 special release White Stripes 45s, a 7" picture disc of The Jean Genie with a pic of David Bowie about to hit on David Bowie In Drag (oddly, it reminds me of the covers of In Through The Out Door - no clue why) a Nirvana CD, a Little Feat CD (Dixie Chicken is currently on Repeat in my car), and Muddy and The Wolf (a half Muddy Waters/Half Howlin' Wolf CD featuring the artist themselves with some rather impressive band members). The CDs were cheaper than the 45s. When I was a kid, 45s were 70 cents each at the Woolworth's and I would walk 4 miles there to get them in 8' of snow uphill both ways with no shoes and only one foot. No, my mom would take me Grant's. In my teen years, she'd take me to Strawberries. Sometimes we'd go to MacDonald's first, like 3 doors down, and get soft-serve cones and 3 dozen helium baloons for 25 cents each and then go into the record store (where I later worked) and huff helium and shout things at each other across the store. We got thrown out. All of that's true. My mom ain't no slacker.

Support your local record store. Your turntable's not dead.

Pleace, Love and Hair Grease, y'all.


What's up with hem lengths and is camel-toe in or out this year?

My poor fervently-loved White Stripes headphones have returned from Nixon in record time. Because I could not bear to part with them, I avoided sending them for so long that it became a topic for discussion in therapy. No lie. :) They're home now. New strings await my handsome Martin. Ahhh. Looking forward to Sunday night at home with my first love.

More about not much

Lovely, lazy weekend. All kinds of early mornings these days, which I am unaccustomed to, the vampire that I am. Still, they come with all kinds of good breakfasts, which we all know is the most important meal of the day. It seems like it's really late, but it's not even 10. For some reason, I'm really happy.

Hmm. What has become of me?

My nails are too long again. I haven't been playing my guitar at all. Sad face. Too many delightful distractions. I think I might need to betray my Goth heritage and work on a happy song. In a teeny tiny and way-less-talented way, it feels a little off; like Bob Dylan doing Lay Lady Lay while the Beatles are doing Cold Turkey. I have 400 sad songs to sing, but I want to be sitting on top of the world with my legs hanging free. Splish splash. Happy face.

What to do with all this happiness? I hear you can have too much, but I don't think that's true. Gonna put my pink bracelet back on and go to the post office. Gonna stop waiting for the 10-ton Acme anvil to fall. Gonna dress up tomorrow like Joan Crawford a la Mommy Dearest tomorrow and be ALMOST as scary as when I dressed up as Sarah Palin. Really happy face.

Happy Halloween e'berbody! Boo!


Yeah, it's not as dirty as it sounds. I have a piece of homemade (not by me) lemon poundcake calling me from right over there. But I thought I'd say "hi" before I have my way with it.


New songs. So many new songs I have to stop and breathe and pick just two. But I want it ALL!!! Alas. There is but one of me, praise be. Still, it's way past time for new songs, so...

So, I picked one song. Ruminating over my choices for the second song. Hoping to work with Crippled in RR on these, now that my schedule is semi-normal. Are you listening?

And, what, exactly, is "normal"? All essays will be reviewed and commented upon, first-hand. Unless it really sucks from the beginning. Time if of the essence, yo.



Back to...Work. . . ? : /

Alas, after having a lovely break to work only on myself (take that however you want to), I'm back to the daily grind, and not the sexy kind that Nancy Botwin gets her coffee from. The whole Pretender's album "Learning to Crawl" really suits me lately.

I wouldn't mind being Chrissy Hynde. Hmm. That could be a song. Hmm.

But, sadly, no time to play tonight. Off to bed at this ungodly hour of 11:11 PM. Ridiculously early. It's practically still light out. WTF?

Damn the Man.


5:09 AM

I am a vampire at heart (no pun intended). Just made myself happy with the newly published "Coward". It has been giving me a hard time but I think I was just over-complicating things. It says what it has to say with very little flair required. I hope you listen and let me know what you think.

ACL next weekend!! Stevie. Freakin. Wonder. OMFG. Also very excited about Cold War Kids, Wanda Jackson (rocked it hard at this year's SXSW) and Mavis Staples. Plus countless others.

I refuse to discuss the weather or any weather probabilities, possibilities or potentials. If I get swept up in a cyclone during "I Wish", so be it.

Off to bed now before the sun rises and makes me sparkle....I mean burst into flames and explode, which is what we ALL KNOW vampires do when they come in contact with sunlight. None of this sparkle shit. Really? Please.

XOXO y'all. Safe and happy weekend!!

Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler  (over 6 years ago)

Hey... For what I can hear... It sounds great!... But it cuts out after 30 seconds.. Everytime at the same spot. Oh BTW.... Your new nick name is now... Sparkle! :0)

Saturday, in the park, I think it was the 27th of August

So I'm no Chicago. I'm a little bit Austin. I'm a little bit East Coast Rock.

I have purple socks, for those of you who have any idea what I'm talking about.

New song coming called "Coward". Giving me one big bitch of a time. I know how I want it, but...uhh...I want it harder. You know?

Co-writing a song for fun (or profit) with a musician I truly respect and have Fanned (in a ReverbNation way, not in a feeding-grapes way, sorry Chuck Fowler).

In the midst of an art project with a seven-year-old who teaches me a lot about fun. Helps me with the "Coward" struggle.

Looking forward to a weekend of creativity, friends and fun!

XOXO ~Elizabeth

Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler  (over 6 years ago)

and I like grapes! :0)

What day is this?

I think it's Thursday. Going to Lowe's for I don't remember what and then to Academy so I can buy ankle wraps and kick the SHIT out of our new heavy bag. I like to KICK! And STRETCH! Don't be jealous of my exciting day. Don't be a hater.

Did you know that you can only request Saturday Night Live tickets, which are free, in the month of August? It's the truth. Have you done it? You should. It's fun.

Working on a new song. They're coming out like toothpaste. Not minty and full of wonderful fluoride, but just really easy. Except 2 of them. I refuse to acknowledge them until they start behaving. Tough love, bitches. Tough love.

OK, I'm off to drive the streets of the fine city of Austin, TX in this lovely 106 degree weather.

I hope you're all doing well! Stay cool, yo.