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I Don't Mind just this once

It's done. I Don't Mind, my first song, is done. Done. Crazy awesome bass added by my friend and musical family member Brian Camilleri (reverbnation.com/briancamilleri). The man's got a way with a bass. In my humble opinion, it's the bass that finishes the song and he clearly is The Master. And, despite his Bruce Lee bass ways, he finished I Don't Mind without breaking a single bone. I couldn't be happier about that song, and I can't even explain what the help from Brian means to me.

On to less emotional topics:

Next up...Joey or Talk to Me? Leaving it up to a vote. Both need to be done by Mothers' Day, so why don't you help me prioritize?

Thank you so much for all you kind words, clicks and other support!


Wheee! Bass Lines!

Brian "Crazy Fingers" Camilleri (www.reverbnation.com\briancamilleri) put his brilliant basslines on I Don't Mind. It's available as a FREE fan download until...it's not. Download it. It's catchy.

Thank you SO MUCH, Brian! XOXO

I'm not really going to California

I've driven in Boston, Hartford, New Haven, NYC, DC, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston...many major cities. People in California drive like sociopaths. I've seen Boston traffic stop an ambulance from making a turn, but I've never seen anything like I saw on the 10. Not going to California, unless it's to SF to visit my Other Family.

But speaking of Going to California, guess what's a new free download? Going to California! All props to THE FUNGI's (http://www.reverbnation.com/thefungis) for the awesome music.

Also, the store is up again. Get your Spider Song shirts in time for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, your birthday. Don't you think you deserve a Spider Song shirt? I do!

Okay, I'm off to ice my knee (right knee is SCREWED) and practice "Joey", your next free download.

Download. It's free!! XOXO ~E

Tonight, I celebrate my love for you

okay, I uploaded a remixed version of Going to California. You can think it's about you if you want. It probably is. But you'll have to listen to the WHOLE SONG to know for sure. wink wink, nudge nudge, saynomore saynomore...


Ah, it's SXSW time in Austin. Tourists everywhere. We've considered going PETA on them and splattering them with Stubb's BBQ sauce when they don't obey traffic signals. Or when they annoy me by just being here.

Friday, the TMR rolling record store will be spitting distance from my house. I'll be spitting on it, or buying a coffee mug. Then off to SXSanJose.

Saturday, Northampton, MA comes to Austin, riverboat event.

Sunday, my god-baby's 3rd birthday, complete with party.

Monday, Snoop Dogg movie "Reincarnated".

Got a friend in town from NY for SXSW and he's ignoring me. BAD FRIEND! No Snoop Dogg tix for him!

Blah blah rain blah

It's pouring. So, I kinda got a free car wash. I love the rain. Makes me want to sing blues songs. blah blah blah.

I put the store back online today, with new, sadly overpriced tank that's printed on the front and the back. I wanted one. So there it is. Not that I can find it on my page. But its there somewhere.

SXSW descends upon Austin. Spent a few hours at the Gaming Expo today. Geeks abound. My peoples. Got tix for Snoop's "Reincarnated". Some of us residents are starting a movement to splatter tourists with Stubb's BBQ sauce, a la PETA. Cross those streets mindfully, tourists, lest ye be bathed in The Sause. It's the boss.

Got a Concrete Blonde song on my mind. Going to go inside and do that.

Have a happy weekend, peoples. Happy is where it's at.

Do I have to think of a title each time?

It's Sunday. I slept WAY too late, if such a thing occurs. I'm toddling off to bed soon, but I wanted to say hi.

We have a new hostage on the compound. He says he played bass. Ima lock him in the hallway studio and see what he comes up with.

Also, addtional shout out to Erika and the fine people at Entenmann's. I love you both!

Tues Blues

Happy Tuesday, youz guys. I'm home with the headaches again today. Stupid head. Makes it hard to type, so I'll keep it short.

My very short friend Erika sent this lucky Austin girl an Entenmann's care package from NY. We don't have Entenmann's here and ever since Brian Williams mentioned it (find it on YouTube if you haven't seen it), it's been on my mind. Entenmann's coffee cakes = band practice to me, so they are comforting in more ways than one. I know at least a couple of my fans know what I'm talking about. So, look for a new song called Raspberry Coffee Cake, perhaps to the tune of Raspberry Beret, because we know what a sense of humor Prince has when it comes to covering his songs. Erika inspires me in many ways. She is awesome on many levels.

In other news, um...

I got the Gibby Haynes/Jack White single. I should listen to it, but I have the headaches and Gibby Haynes tends to be better at higher volumes, IMO. Methinks it more a Boz Scaggs day.

Still on my quest to social-media-bomb Chris Robinson and the Black Crowes until I get facetime when I see them at Stubb's on April 27th. I've lost tickets and opportunities to see him sing since Shake Your Money Maker; so I've been waiting for this for 24 years. Y'all should put odds on me. Also, feel free to help. =D

K, I'm off to a dark corner with my achin' cranium. In lieu of flowers, please send Entenmann's coffee cakes.

Thank you.

Erika Beers
Erika Beers  (about 5 years ago)

Im not short....Im pocket size!! ;)

Backlit Keyboard....oh yeah!

Shiny new laptop. Last one is still fine, Ailing, but fine. Didn't have the gusto I needed. His name is Jimmy Page The Laptop and he's dead sexy. The new one is named Young James The Laptop and he's dead sexier. They seem to get along well. It's all about teamwork, right?

Speaking of teamwork, check out The FUNGI'S. That's part of the band I was in before I moved to Austin and had no band. Fortunately, we live in a digital age, so we can still work together from time to time. They are some SRSLY talented musicians. I was lucky to play with people of that caliber at any point in my life. Brian Camilleri is a funky slap bass master who can also take a chill walk on a blues song. Tom is an awesome keyboard/piano player with a Pink Floydiness about him. Engaging, to say the least.

Otherwise, not much new to report. Waiting and wanting for SXSW. Clive Davis meow. Waiting and wanting for my new Third Man Records slipmat meow.

Wondering when sleep will find me again. Perhaps I should write a song about it, just to give it a hard time. Do you think that'll work?

As if anyone's reading. :( To prove:

If Jesus rose from the dead, wouldn't that make him a zombie?

Still not dead!

Hieeee!! I hate that. I want to slap people who say "HIeeee!!!" so I say it ironically. Really ironically, not fake ironically like YKW. I also hate the Prius. I just want that to be known. I love the planet, I drive a superclean alt-fuel small car. I hate the Prius. It's like a fat roller-skate.

I am tired, man! A whole week of work. Yeesh!! What's an artist to do? *Sigh* keep working the day job, maybe mail an ear or write a song about an iPod to really grab at the 15 min. I gotta find an angle. hrmph.

I think my future is in jingles.

Srlsy. I can write a jingle for anything. Challenge me. Reply with some product names. See if I don't blow your mind.

oh, a jinglesinger. jinglemeister, meisterjingle. i wanted to be a dentist. or an elf. but preferably, to be and elf that is a dentist but not necessarily limited to elf dentistry, if such a specialty exists. I can look that up later.

I haven't recorded anything in far too long. Grrr. I haven't even given Martin a stroke lately, which is a sin and a shame and I believe grounds for divorce on his part. Luckily, I keep him trapped in the bedroom except when I let him out on a leash. He seems okay with it, to be truthy. He does have some amazing new strings to wear though, courtesy of my guitar tech Craig "WHAT?" McKelvey. Maybe I'll dress him up and we'll have a date this weekend. I do forget what a sweet-talker he his. meow. Meow!

Must not lose focus on goal: for 23 years, yes twenty-three American years, I have tried and failed - and waited and tried and failed and thought I had it right in my grasp but no - to see Chris Robinson sing in person. He is a muse; some of my inspiration, some of my motivation, lots of the model for my mental vocal playground. His voice slides and sways and drips and drops and kicks and hops and gliiiiides...

The spectacle that made you cry It's a thrill a minute plane ride It's over time at ring side and that's no lie

I have tickets to see The Black Crowes in April at Stubb's. I will go even if I have hacked up a lung and lost and entire eyeball (please see leaflet for description of activity(ies) to be expected in case of other injury(ies)). Recently, I had tickets to see Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Antone's for my birthday, but was so sick I couldn't go. That's REALLY sick, BTW, cuz i have no compunction about barfing in public. Going back the full 23 years...I couldn't see them open for ZZ Top in Harford, CT because I worked the venue and worked the whole show from the Box Office (poor, poor, pitiful me...nothing but distortion and drunk people with beards.). After they opened, The Black Crowes descended upon my favorite haunt, the now defunct Russian Lady Cafe, and sat in with the craptastic cover band who I shall not name lest they be still craptastically performing. (Sewage Brothers or something like that.) I would've been downstairs at The Lady playing pool or pinball when they walked in and stayed to be privy to the free show that followed, but I was STUCK AT WORK trying to help balance SOMEONE ELSE'S unbalanced DRAWER. I walked right by The Russian Lady on the way to my car. The owner knew me. The doormen knew me. It was all over by then. I just got to HEAR ALL ABOUT IT. I don't want to recount all of the other missed opportunities in between now and then because I'm feeling very sad and old now.

I would mostly just like to respectfully request, or petition...Mr. Chris Robinson will you PLEASE sign my Croweology LP when you're in Austin in April? I will cheerfully iron your socks in return.

XOXO No lie on those jingle challenges, people. Bring it. ~Elizabeth