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Ahhh, lazy Saturday

Spent all day looking at the dishes I need to wash. Did one load of laundry that's just sitting in the dryer. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? I can't think of any reason. And today just didn't seem like a dish-washing day.

V1.1 of No Surprises is up for y'all to listen to and comment on. It's a draft, so I'm really interested in your feedback. Mostly, the vocals and the mix are a little reworked. No big changes...yet. Please listen and feel free to send me your notes/criticisms.

Got sample shirts from the Elizabeth Grous ReverbNation store today. They look great! Added new gorgeous new colors in men's tees and ladies' v-necks. Everything's badass and definitely for sale, so start Christmas shopping early, folks. ; )

XOXO and thanks for reading! ~Elizabeth

TGIMFF, Y'all.

That's "Happy Friday" in a mix of New English and Texish.

New song on the page called "No Surprises". I hope you'll listen and let me know what you think. It's still in "draft" stage, so if you think it's lacking something, feel free to speak up.

Masking and deep-conditioning on a Friday night. Try not to hate. ; )

XOXO ~Elizabeth


Watching Entourage on the DVR. I want to be Perry Farrell. Or something. Actually, I want to be Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. He has the best job ever. I have a pretty good job, but I think he gets paid more. Just a guess.

What else, what else? My sister wants to play Scrabble with me on Facebook but I can't find the link. It's still 7,000 degrees here. I'm smoking way to much. I submitted an entry to Songs of Love, which appears to be like a hairless musical Locks of Love. I hope they pick me. I'd LOVE to write a song for a kid. I can keep it clean. I can!

Yes, I can.

You shut up. I can.

Whatever, nobody asked you anyway.

Ooh, The Spider Song is a free promo right now. FREE. Better than new, so I hear. In the words of the great, dead Janis Joplin, get it while you can. : )

Okay, off to do something stupid.


OMG, so tired. I vote for 2-day "weekdays" and 5-day "weekends".

Who's in?

Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler  (about 6 years ago)

Both hands raised over here!!

Ahhh...back to songwriting

Sadly, I was unable to telekinetically move a beverage at all, never mind across a whole room. I did get some good exercise trying though. My eyeballs kinda hurt. So I'm back to songwriting...

Working on a song that hits a little harder than the previous three. Loving it, but missing my Strat. I’m sure it made the kid that bought it way happier than it was making me though. I thought he was going to make out with it in the kitchen. I never really felt that kind of affection for it. The Martin, however, can eat crackers in my bed any day.

My rolling recording studio (much more compact and fuel-efficient than Jack White’s) is acting up. Grrr. Luckily, as evidenced by my ability to design a t-shirt and waterbottle online, my technological savvy has led me to an annoying, but useful, workaround. Long live the rolling recording studio!

I don’t know if people outside of Texas are aware that someone opened the portal to Hell (apparently located somewhere in the Houston area), and it’s 4,000 degrees here all the time now.

Please send marshmallows.

XOXO ~Elizabeth.

Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler  (about 6 years ago)

I'll bring the marshmallows as long as you get the graham crackers and chocolate bars!!

Monday again

So, ReverbNation, how was your weekend?

Mine was productive and fun. I saw Malford Milligan at Saxon Pub on Friday. Why he's not on ReverbNation, I'll never understand. He rocked, as always.

I put Spider Song tees and tanks in my ReverbNation store. They're the perfect gift, really. For any occasion. Christmas, bridal shower, briss... Seriously. You should stock up now.

And, in a fit of self-confidence, I entered The Spider Song into Unsigned category of the International Songwriters Competition and some other acoustic-only competition. We shall see. The semi-finalists aren't announced until sometime next year, and I'll have forgotten by then and will therefore not be disappointed. Or will be thrilled AND surprised. So, it's a win-win, really.

Now that I think of it, it's probably a good time for me to go hide my own Easter eggs,

Okay, so I gotta run! Keep listening! Keep sharing!! Somebody buy a damn tank top, please! ; )



What day is this?

I think it's Saturday morning. I couldn't sleep if a whole set of Calphelon cookware fell on my head. Or a tree. The digital music channels don't help. Who can sleep through Rollercoaster of Love?

baby baby

I wanna ride

It rained today. And, oh, thank goodness. It was getting really gnarly out there. Don't mind the heat so much but a more reasonable balance of precipitation would better suit me.

Can't rain all the time.

This one goes to eleven.


TGIF to those of you reporting to work these days. I'm off to Saxon tonight (Friday) to see the great and powerful Mr. Malford Milligan. Love this town!

Ow again

I just smashed half of my toenail off. Ow. I am a walking calamity at the moment.

But I'm still having fun. : )


See, I shouldn't have a blog because I rarely know what day it is and/or what happened today vs yesterday, or what I dreamed vs what really occurred.

It's kinda fun in here sometimes.

It was "Pick a CD for the Changer" night. Not a bad turnout. One Tom Waits, one Afro-Celt Soundsystem, one King of Leon, two turtledoves, one Pretenders, and one Stevie Freakin Wonder.

Who's going to ACL? I am. Steeeeeevieeeeee.

Okay, you people. Stop keeping me up late. I'm a delicate flower in need of my beauty rest.


Happy Tuesday, y'all. You're almost halfway there. : )