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BBC radio are playing our song 'Beckons'!

Whoop, whoop! Sorry, we're currently a little bit over-excited (and not playing it cool) about being on BBC Radio's new music show tonight. Yup. That's us. ON THE RADIO. Okay, we'll try to tamp it down a little. Here's some more info: Gary Crowley on 94.9fm Big name interviews plus the newest talent in our London Calling feature. Every Saturday from 6 - 8pm. Listen live on your PC or up to seven days later by using the link in the right-hand column. S'easy!

To listen ( and you can get hold of the show any time over the next week) go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/programmes/schedules

For all you other muso's out there, why not upload your tracks to the BBC site?

xx Scarlet Starlings

Gig at The Monarch 30 November

This will be our very last gig of the year, and possibly in this line up for a good while as Talitha is off travelling next year. We'll carry on playing of course but will miss her. Plus the amazing band I am a Pilot will be headlining. I recomend their e.p. for which I paid the princely sum of £3 the other night, the songs are jaunty, emotional and raw. At the last gig we played with them (even though they were only playing with 3 of their members) people were leaping and bobbing about like drunk family members at a wedding. Charly Blue and the Colours are also great with lead singer Charly Morris's sweet folky vocals a pleasure to listen to.

x x SS

Great gig at Bull n gate

Wow, we were really nervous for our first ever gig, but the venue was relaxed (barring the proliferation of death metal fans outside. I'm thinking maybe Mastodon or someone like that was playing next door at the HMV venue. We may even, according to Jen, have one a few over to the - opposite of dark side??) There were two great supports and Pierce, the organiser was brilliant with the sound. Joe gave us all heart palpitations by arriving 10 minutes before we had to start, but that's rock n roll baby.

As it was the front room sessions we were playing to a well lubricated crowd who got into the spirit of things with us. Feedback was great so overall, a good result...thanks to all our friends who came along to see us...we love you guys.

Next up World's End Pub on 3rd November!

See you there...

Mucho Gigio

Well, we're definitely starting October with a bang. Having finally completed the band line up (when Joe finally moved to London, it took him long enough...) we are now working on the lovely Jen in the hopes that she'll have the ahem...cajone(s) to join us (sorry that was a bit of a muso joke. We want her to play that spanish box drum thing). With gigs on the 23rd @ The Bull and Gate in Kentish Town playing in the front room sessions, and then a fundraiser for an award winning documentary which our tunes appear, plus the mini fest private party at the end of the month...and yes, 3rd of November sees us performing at the World's End Pub in Finsbury Park...its no wonder our heads are spinning.

Still think we have a bit of work to do in terms of getting everything right and tight but here's hoping we can pull it all off.

Much love, x Scarlet Starlings