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Scarlet Starlings début album launch set for 1st June 2014

Scarlet Starlings are very happy and proud to release their debut album on the 1st June 2014. It was a long journey as we’re sure anyone who has attempted such a feat will know and we are very (very) much looking forward to celebrating a year of work.

The album launch party will be at held at The Gallery Cafe Bethnal Green on the 24th April 2014, presented by Folklore.

The album will be available for purchase from Bandcamp, and digital versions via iTunes, Spotify and more.

Purchase links to follow on the 1st June.

Scarlet Starlings – Début EP

Scarlet Starlings are very happy to share our début EP with you. It features four songs from the up and coming début album – Anyone can say I love you, So glad you stayed, You give it all away and Montauk.

For a limited time only we’ll make all tracks available to download from our Soundcloud, yay!


Watch this space for release on Spotify and other digital hangouts where you can listen, buy or share until the long awaited album release.

We really hope you enjoy this little taster.

Love Sara-Mae, Mike, Talitha, Joe & Jen

Scarlet Starlings have a new website

We'd love you to visit for all our songs, videos, news and more. scarletstarlings.com

Softly Softly: Return of the Starlings

We've played at Annie Windley's fab event once before and it was a lot of fun. As a totally acoustic pared down event, it really gives you the chance to have fun with the bare bones of a song.

Mike, Talitha and Sara-Mae will be playing a few fun new ones, as well as a cover of incredible Flanagan Collective's song from their musical play 'Beulah'. (Have a listen to their music it is absolutely amazing: http://theflanagancollective.weebly.com/the-beulah-band.html)

So come along on Sunday 10 November for a chilled afternoon of music with us as well as bands like Romani Beau & Ronnie Golden. Time: 2:45 Place: Kiss the sky, Park Road, Crouch End, London N8 x the starlings

Lakefest videos online!

Well, its taken us long enough, but there is finally some grainy footage proving that we were in fact, live @ Tewksbury, Lakefest on a sunny weekend back in...when was it again?

The sound quality isn't the best but hey, we thought we'd wack them up there anyway for those of you who may be interested.

So here goes: (Drumroll...) Scarlet Starlings' very own youtube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/scarletstarlings

Enjoy! x the starlings

Lakefest was amazing!

Scarlet Starlings had a blast @ Lakefest over the weekend. A big shootout to the Floating Globe Stage. Charlotte and the rest of the crew were brilliant. There was an incredible line up (our faves being The Goat Roper Rodeo Band http://www.reverbnation.com/thegoatroperrodeoband and The Levellers, natch).

Another big thank you to Cafe Salaam the tent which kept the free tea flowing and the yummy pizza stoked up :)

We had a great time, though Talitha became a little bit too close to the fake octopus!

Videos and photos to follow shortly...

x the starlings

Free song to download!

Hi everyone! In honour of our upcoming festival performance and our imminent album launch (:) here is a little present for you.

The song is called Montauk. It's been recorded by Jason King at Shed Studios and mixed by the marvellous John Lawrence up in Wales.

Check out our featuring interview for Lakefest to hear our thought on who we would swap lives with, amongst many other things: http://lakefest.co.uk/blog/building-up-to-lakefest-201with-scarlet-starlings/

xx Starlings

Win FREE tickets to the Lake Fest!

Fancy winning FREE tickets to the Lake Fest?

Hello lovely people,

Fancy coming to see us playing on Sunday 11 August at the amazing Lake Fest, but you just spent your last sou on a really awesome [insert awesomely awesome thing here]?

Well stop your weeping! You too can don your wellies, grab a pint of organic, locally sourced cider and listen as the sound of angels whaling (yes, whaling)...

We have six tickets to give away, and all you have to do is: 1. Go to this link: http://lakefest.co.uk/come-see-competition/?artist=Scarlet%20Starlings 2. Fill in the form (its really short, you can do it at work or on the train or during an ad break).

Wait for Lady Luck to smile on you.

Go on, you know you wanna!

x the starlings

No bad fans only bad music?

Fanned anyone lately? No, we don't mean waving a giant Palm leaf at their hot, perspiring faces.

Recently we, despite being an alt country/folky/rocky set of characters, have been attracting a slew of metal bands. This is lovely if they genuinely like our music and have seen it as a sort of 'slumming' or a break from the head banging thrash chords beloved of Slash et al. (I know, I'm out of date with my references er...Dream Theatre?) Don't get us wrong, we are an eclectic mix of musicians with tastes to match and we all enjoy good music, played well, no matter what the genre. However. It has occurred to us, after having sent some friendly little messages to each and every one of our fans (after all its quite a mission on Reverbnation, you have to jump through a lot of hoops in order to make your feelings of love known), that some people may be simply looking at the number one groups in their genre and fanning everyone who is one of their fans.

Exhibit A: a metal band fans us. We fan them back. Two more metal bands fan us. We fan them back... you get the idea.

We've now decided to take it easy on fanning bands which don't look like they're a similar genre to us, to avoid this random groupie catchment sitch. We'd rather you like us because you like us and not as part of a ruthless quid pro quo. Capiche?

PS: If you are in a metal band, and you REALLY like us, send us a message. If we glean from that that you actually gave our music a listen, we will be delighted to have you.

Lots of love to all our true fans (all three of them), x the starlings

So excited about gig at the Half Moon in Putney tonight!

Yes, its also a birthday drinks celebration for Sara-Mae, so any of you out there who are wondering what on earth to give the woman who has everything...well come on down to the gig tonight and buy her a drink.

The Half Moon has a great reputation for live music, and some wonderful bands have played there in the past - so it should be a fantastic night.

x The Starlings