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Softly Softly now in their permanent home @ Kiss the Sky

Playing purely acoustic, it seems, has its drawbacks. Joe and Simon had to improvise new baselines, we all had to develop our belting skills and did I mention that Joe and Si had to improvise baselines??

The enigmatic Annie Windley presides over the regular event, which now has its permanent home at Kiss the Sky.

To see the Starlings crunched in a bunch on our end of the stage, was also, we are told, sort of amusing. With the six of us trying to flock together (so to speak) without overwhelming the others, Paper Shades (a mere twosome) and Decklan Guckian (a meagre one-fer) had to play their hearts out to compete.

Jon Rixon and Sarah Dollar's mellifluous tunes were fantastic, with lilting harmonies and rhythmic use of the cajon. Sarah also used the much classier box shaker, as opposed to 'the egg' as we call it. Because its red, and its an egg, natch. (What else would a Scarlet Starling use, I ask you?)

The Paper Shades are playing at the station sessions @ Kings Cross on April 15, so for a vastly improved commute, stop by. (Paper Shades - www.thepapershades.bandcamp.com)

Declan Guckian impressed with his brilliant guitar work and strong vocals, reminiscent of his countryman Damian Rice (whatever happened to him?)

So for all you Crouch Enders, if you fancy a bit of music and poetry over a long, lazy Sunday afternoon, get yourself down to Softly Softly. You can't do better than that...

New posters!

There comes a time when you have to embrace the essence of what your band represents. Then you try to impart this to a designer. You might use words like 'delicate genius' or 'visionary'.

This is nearly always a mistake. A designer can't work with abstract concepts. They want to know what colours you like, and whether you have some high res images they can use.

In the end we decided to embrace a sort of Amish-back-woodsey-dark-fairy tale sort of a look. Of course, to the designer it was 'a red bird on a black background then?' Er, yes?.

Nope. There are two options. So check them out and let us know which you like more.

x Scarlet Starlings

Talitha: 'Poster 1 is a bit emo-goth isn't it?' Sara-Mae: 'Poster 1 looks like a wood cut. Which I like.' Simon: 'I'm on holiday in the Lake District. I don't care. Whoa. There's a dead dog...' Joe: 'Poster 2 is cool but the words could stand out more. Hey I feel like ice-cream for some reason.' Mike: 'I like Poster 3. What do you mean there's no Poster 3? Then what was I looking at?'

Softly Softly gig on March 31

Annie Windley has just sent the amazing poster for the Softly, Softly gig on March 31. Its up in Crouch End, and we'll be sharing the stage with Paper Shades and Declan Guckian who are both brilliant.

Called Softly, Softly because it is completely unplugged this is a fab opportunity to listen to the raw sound of the band, so I hope you'll drop by at 3pm for a lovely afternoon of music, cider and good times. Check out the poster in our photo stream! Scarlet Starlings

Scarlet Starlings @ Lakefest, August 2013

We are all still fizzing like a vitamin tab because we've been invited to play at Lakefest (www.lakefest.co.uk) in August. We hope all our friends can make it as it looks to be a great weekend of fun, frolics and fireworks.

If you want a fun day out (or weekend) filled with cider and music this new-ish fes with its great atmosphere and relaxed vibe is a far cry from the overcrowded biggies. We'll be playing alongside bands like the Levellers, Ocean Colour Scene and many more. Voted UK's top 10 best new fest and best family fest. Dates & Times The gates open at 10am. They will remain open for the following hours: Thursday 8th 2pm – Midnight Friday 9th 10am – 1am Saturday 10th 8am – 1am Sunday 11th 8am – 1am Monday 12th 8am Please leave the site by 2pm on Monday 12th August. Music Friday 2pm – Midnight Saturday Noon – Midnight Sunday 11th Noon – 8pm. Followed by Croft Farms Firework Spectacular

5 tips for recording vocals

We were up at The Shed in Oxford again recording our album with the marvellous (and marvellously patient) Jason King this weekend. Recording is really great for revealing any weaknesses in your performance so it was erm...illuminating to realise that no matter how tight you think your performance is, you can hear every little inconsistency when it comes time to listen to playback.

Everyone develops a special set of requirements to make recording vocals run smoothly.

Sara-Mae: "Pineapple juice or that hot spicy apple juice they sell at the Cavendish Arms."

Mike: "Neat whisky, of course."

Simon: "I like to run round the block and then work on my guns for a bit."

Joe: "I don't do vocals, so pretty much whatever I like. For my fingers, when they start to bleed because we've just rocked too hard, super glue on the tips."

Talitha: "The love of a good man."

Jen: "A lifetime spent eating a concentrated diet of carbohydrates and e-numbers."

So there you have it folks. We recommend drinking all the whisky after you've run around the block though. Safety first!

Don't fix it - OK we won't

New song uploaded today. It's one of Sara-Mae's, and she wanted it to be pretty simple with just guitars and vocals.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


Don't fix it

You bend until you break Ah, ha Enough to make you quake Am. Em Ah hah hah And you say, tomorrow won't wait Start again, wipe the slate Then you lose your way Ah hah

(high chorus) More hearts get broken Than plates at a greek wedding Too bad we never knew who we'd be getting Any particular day

Hah hey hey Any particular day Hah hey hey

Ah hah hah Ah hah hah Ah hah hah Ah hah hah (instrumental)

Thrust into the fray Ah hah Too many shades of grey Ah hah hah You used me didn't you? Ah hah Just like the others who cared for you You made it look so great Ah Hah

You're right, no-ones to blame Ah hah

high chorus) More hearts get broken Than plates at a Greek wedding Too bad we never knew who we'd be getting Any particular day Hah hey hey Any particular day Hah hey hey

After all, we had a good time, Ah hah hah Well, didn't you?

Recording our first album!

When Jason King told us we'd be recording in 'The Shed', we were a little daunted to say the least. I for one, was picturing some sort of rickety garden special with some egg boxes glued to the walls.

But we'd done him an injustice. When we turned up the place was like some sort of pimped-out bachelor pad with a massive studio tacked on for good measure. Jason did a great job and warned us not to get over-excited but the damage was done (running from room to room shouting 'Weeeeeeee!' was probably a little much in retrospect). So the journey to having an amazing album with a tiny percentage of our songs on it (8 so far!), begins.

We'll keep you posted but we hope to be selling that shizzle via all the regular outlets soon. Watch this space!


Surya... or should we say Boo-ya!

Wow, loads of people came to the gig last night although pictorial evidence seem to imply otherwise...! It was amazing having such a large crowd of awesome people bopping along to our tunes, 7 songs just wasn't enough. So much good feedback. Thanks to everyone who came and saw us and then stayed to chat and have a drink afterwards. The many requests for an ep have made us more determined to get our dates set for the recording of a first album. We have so many songs choosing will be difficult though!

x Scarlet Starlings

Hey cyber buddies! Can you like us on FB? That would be totally awesome.

Hey all you lovely people that are friends with us in the cyber world.

One of the things you may or may not know about us (depending on how determined you've been to cement our relationship by meeting up in the real world, or you know, come to gigs) is that we have put our totally rocking band on Facebook. Fact.

In case you were wondering why you should like us, I will use reason (and examples) to persuade you. Scarlet Starlings are so awesome we made this one gig organiser dude, like totally cry. (I'm almost certain they were tears of joy.) We have gigs about once a month so by the time one rolls around you'll be totally missing us, because we're all really endearing and adorable. Especially Joe. He just has a face you want to pinch. But if you 'like' us you'll get those cool little updates telling you when we're playing. So all those feelings of isolation and that nihilistic sense of your own insignificance? Kiss that goodbye!

So anyway, if you want to cry because you've just heard sounds coming from our instruments and vocal chords that have made life suddenly seem worth living, if you want that window, which everyone is always telling you God is going to open, to er...open, then please 'like' our fan page. (See what I did there? 'Cos we're like the Von Trapp family, but with you know, better guitar riffs.)

Even if you don't like crying and you're more into swaying in a vaguely rhythmical way, you can totally do that too. Seriously. We won't toy with your emotions. We're all pretty much OK. We don't have a sob story like on X-factor. But we will probably all be quite sad if you don't 'like' us. I'm pretty sure I've liked a bunch of stuff on your pages. Especially those weird animal ones. That Japanese lizard? Is that even a thing? Love it. Granted, we're not as cool as that. But we're pretty damn cool.

So do it. here's the page: https://www.facebook.com/ScarletStarlings


OK, thank you. (we were brought up to be polite.)

Great gig at Dead or Alive @ The Old Queen's Head

We had a fab time last night at this great event. We fully recomend it to other muso's as a venue to approach. It's a gorgeous room which looks like it should be holding a 1920's speakeasy. The audience were fab, listening quietly (!) we wanted to take them all home with us.

Nick, the organiser actually said one of our songs almost made him cry! (Think it was Montauk if you want to take a listen). Fun times.

xx the starlings