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Carpe Diem....

Well it's been almost a year since we put one of these things up so we figured it was time. Let's start with what's consumed most of the year...NEW MATERIAL. That's right if you haven't been to a Liv Stat show lately you might not recognize half the songs you hear. We are extremely excited about a lot of the new songs we've written. With that said we have been pushing ourselves to get material into the hands of all of you. Right now we are in the works of doing just that. Keep your eyes and ears open and remember to Liv......Stat!

2014 and beyond....

Liv Stat is back in action from a long break of sorts that we needed in order to realign goals and fine tune procedures...with that being said we have some big plans in the works for 2014 and beyond. Keep your eyes and ears open and remember .......hide your beer !

2011 and more

So it's been quite some time since we did one of these so here it goes. 2011 was a wild yet productive year for the band. We picked up where we left off with our new bass player, Caleb Moulder. The very first show that he had played with us, after only being in the band for about two weeks, was great. You can hear the live recordings from it on our soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/livstat . We kept plugging away at recordings while continuing to play a number of shows and once again were nominated for the Pitch Music Awards. With a fan base continuing to grow, increasing the demand for a full length album we decided to take some time off from shows and solely work on creating such an album. The album is still in the works, but trust, when it does release, it will have been well worth the wait. We've just started to play a few more shows in and around KC to sample some new material for all our fans(be on the look out for dates). With all that said we have great things in the works and owe it all to our great fans, friends, and family! Liv Stat's Comin' ! Hide Your Beer!!!


2010 has been a great year for the band so far. We have played 13 shows in the past six months including playing at the Annual Prairie Vibrations in Lincoln, NE. We've met a lot of great new fans and kept in touch with all those that have been on board from the start. Lots of new material has been written and we're currently working on getting some of it out to the masses. We were nominated for the Pitch Music Awards ( voting going on now at http://polls.pitch.com/polls/kcp/musicballot10/ )for Best World Act and have a lot more shows to play (Check the Schedule for more details) !

Thanks for being a part of it all

Have you Liv'd Today ?

Liv Stat

Two in Return and beyond...

Alright so I figured it was time a post something fresh here. For starters the band is no longer named Livitation Station. The band is now formally Liv Stat. We have released a new EP titled "Two in Return" and is available to download here or on myspace.com/livstat. We are constantly writing and have a goal of putting newer music into the hands of the people (this means YOU) by no later then the end of this summer !We also have a slew of live shows coming up starting in March so check the calendar !!

LIVITY EP and much much more !!!!

Ok so the Livity Ep was released a while back for all those that don't know. Currently we are gearing up for our show at Korruption on Nov. 22. We hope to have some new flavors to sample at the show so you better go ahead and go !!! Check out our myspace for more details on the Livitation works !!!