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Unity in local hiphop.

I was just sittin here thinkin about some real shit today. I look at all the local talent on reverbnation and think to myself, if everyone is trying to shine then we need to collab with each other to make our "SHINE" grow. I live in Barstow and I have worked with alot of talent. The hiphop scene out here is cool but can be even better if we show love and link up! I look at the unity between the south the bay and numerous other areas who have been collabing over the years and put each other on. I say fuck the hate and lets get this money together so we can all eat. Do you agree? If you agree then let me know how you feel and i'll get back at ya'll.

ERAMENTRY.....  (about 6 years ago)

FIRST OFF PROPS ON THE SOUNDS MAN DOPE AS....I been thinking similar thoughts but on a bigger scale i want to help and promote artists be heard all over the world and with sites like reverbnation it makes it all possible through networking meeting new people from all over the world we can all help each other get heard there is nothing stoping people doing a feat with some one some were else can get the same beat record in diffrent places and send waves via email to some one whop can put it together and mix it down .......What do you reckon?????

Robert Maloney
Robert Maloney  (over 4 years ago)

I mos def agree... I jus dont think that alot of other artists concur... Too many shady cut throat type ppl to do that.